Social Media SEO

Measure Social Visibility and How It Changes

Searchmetrics social SEO turns social media popularity—as measured by social signals—into data you can use to integrate SEO, social media marketing and content strategies. With Searchmetrics, you can accurately detect, track and measure the social impact of your domains, landing pages and other digital communication. You’ll see which pages are really successful.

You’ll also gain a holistic picture of your organization’s social spread across multiple networks, including Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Since search engines now calculate social relevance and performance across the web, this information empowers your organization to make meaningful adjustments to its social strategies.

With our social engagement functionality, you’ll be able to react in real time to optimize social communication in specific networks. You’ll know what works on Facebook. And the effectiveness of Google’s +1 button.

Searchmetrics Suite Social Count
  • Improve social visibility
  • Optimize cross-network performance
  • Calculate the total number of social signals for a domain
  • Link social engagement data to SEO, PPC and content strategies
  • Monitor brand perception
  • Set quantifiable targets for social campaigns
  • Track campaigns, domain names, landing pages and URLs in real time
  • Gain valuable intelligence from competitor campaigns

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Searchmetrics software is powerful and feature rich. But that doesn’t mean it takes forever to see results. We’ve designed the Searchmetrics Suite to accelerate time to value.