A Summary of High Value Content Tips and Tricks from Searchmetrics

Welcome to our summary on identifying, optimizing and evaluating high value content. ​

 High Value Content​

  • Understand what your customers value and build content around it.  ​
  • Evaluate existing content with high potential — content that has the right characteristics to grow. ​
  • Analyze your content against your competitors and enhance it. ​

Optimizing Your Existing High Value Content

  • Take a hard look at your data with your goals in mind. After all, the answers are always in the data. ​
  • Evaluate your domain authority and enhance the technical aspects of your website to improve your overall ​rankings.
  • Analyze your competitors to discover why they are performing better. Then improve your high value content that drives traffic to your website, to optimize for position zero. ​

Content Optimization for Maximum Reach 

  • Know that you are never done optimizing a piece of content, especially if it’s valuable and drives traffic to your website. ​
  • Content is also constantly evolving — even evergreen content — so you need to stay on top of  changes with Google Trends, and understand what your prospects value. ​
  • And you should always prioritize content, where you will have the biggest impact in the shortest period of time with the least amount of effort. ​

Content Evaluation Time Savers

  • The key to evaluating high value content is to conduct keyword research, do an SEO audit and uncover hidden opportunities through data analysis. ​
  • Identify content that will help convert prospects that are farthest down the funnel. ​
  • Always ask yourself, “Have I created and optimized content for which there is strong market demand?”​