Searchmetrics Summit Speakers

Conference Date: November 21, 2017 – Start 8:30am

The first round of speakers at the Searchmetrics Summit:

Amory Kelie, Global Director Organic Traffic Generation (SEO, ASO, Local SEO), adidas

Topic at the Summit: How will SEO help adidas grow its digital business from 1 billion in 2016 to 4 billion in 2020.

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Tino Triste, Senior SEO Manager, CoopDigital

Topic at the Summit: Major Rebranding in the Digital Age: How we survived, and thrived, a full scale website and social media restructure.

Description: Founded in 1864, The Co-operative Group is one of the world’s largest co-operatives. Co-op Food is the UK’s 5th largest groceries retailer and Co-op Funeralcare is the UK’s number 1 funeral services provider. Employing circa 70,000 people, the Co-op is a recognised leader for social goals and community-led programmes. The rebrand from “The Co-operative” to “The Co-op” involved change of domains, social media handles, email servers, and (while we were at it) CMS platforms. In this session I will showcase the processes that helped us carry out the rebrand successfully.

What you will learn in this presentation:

  • How to communicate the plan to ensure stakeholders are aware of the details, requirements and responsibilities
  • How to manage the transition with minimal traffic loss
  • Selective Redirecting. Ensuring valuable link quity is retained, whilst avoiding “bad” link juice
  • I will also share our Pre/During/Post checklists to help you mitigate any risk


Tino Triste is Senior SEO Manager at The Co-operative responsible for the SEO strategy for Co-op Food, Co-op Funeralcare, and Co-op Electrical. He’s a seasoned Digital Marketing professional with over 12 year experience. His main focus areas are Technical SEO, Content Optimisation, Ecommerce, and Web Analytics. Throughout his career, Tino has developed and implemented SEO strategies for corporate clients such as Clarks Shoes, American Airlines, and InterContinental Hotels Group.


Korbinian Spann, Gore

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Dr. Korbinian Spann, Global Digital Marketing, GORE-TEX®

Topic at the Summit: Global dashboards with Tableau: how to drive change via analytics.

  • Planning and implementation of Tableau, insights and learnings
  • Campaign management of global B2B campaigns
  • Dashboards of the Global Summer Campaign 2017 by GORE-TEX®


Korbinian Spann works for W. L. Gore & Associates (the GORE-TEX® company) with a focus on digital media buying and digital analytics for Europe, America and Asia. Very interested in communication concepts for different languages and regions, inspired by the constant development of the digital market. Likes strategy and long-term thinking. Experienced as a consultant for agencies and as an in-house expert for SEO, SEA and Social Media. Loves to teach online marketing.

Insa Winter, SEO Editor, Spiegel Online

Topic at Summit: Google News Optimization – Basics, Amp and Timing

Description: SPIEGEL ONLINE is known to be Germany’s leading news site providing readers with daily news

Insa Winter is SEO editor at SPIEGEL ONLINE focusing both on daily news SEO and evergreen content. Insa has worked as a SEO editor for seven years having vast experience in growing a sustainable audience through evergreen content while working at Gruner + Jahr among the editorial staff of Being a journalist herself, Insa knows how to bridge the gap between editors and the demands of SEO among other aspects dominating journalism in the digital age.

Raphael Raue, Head of SEO & Analytics, Spiegel Online

Topic at Summit: Google News Optimization – Basics, Amp and Timing

Description: SPIEGEL ONLINE is known to be Germany’s leading news site providing readers with daily news

Raphael Raue is Head of SEO and Analytics at SPIEGEL ONLINE devising the overall SEO strategy for SPIEGEL ONLINE and bento, the website’s spin-off channel for a younger audience. Raphael is passionate about SEO, social, UX, analytics, journalism and the open web, always helping developers and editors to better understand the Internet and its at times confusing coherence. SEO, for him, is not only a tool to grow one’s audience but a strategy to increase the quality of a website.

Gerrit Grunert, Serviceplan

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Gerrit Grunert, CEO, Serviceplan Content Berlin

Topic at the Summit: “More money, NO problems” – the digital transformation of sales


  • How you can turn the anonymous internet user into your most loyal customer and your biggest fan?
  • How you can use an optimized customer journey to win over customers?
  • How you can create a customized sales funnel, tailored to your products?


Gerrit Grunert is Germany’s leading Content Marketing expert. In addition to his roles as CEO of Serviceplan Content Berlin and CEO of Crispy Content, he’s also author, speaker and guest lecturer at the Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation. He combines creativity, communication and sales-oriented thinking in a unique way, creating an innovative mixture for greater success. After working at MTV Networks Germany, Gerrit founded the content marketing agency ”Crispy Content” in May 2010. Since then, he and his team have been advising companies in the development and implementation of sustainable and revenue-inflating Content Marketing. In his lectures, workshops and seminars, he inspires his audiences with practical know-how, innovative solutions and detailed recommendations for how they can turn ideas into real-world actions.

Gianna Brachetti-Truskawa

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Gianna Brachetti-Truskawa, International Senior SEO Manager, &

Topic at the Summit: Get it right internationally: 10 common hreflang mistakes

Description: Many multilingual websites have issues targeting their audience for a specific region or set of languages in Google search, even though they might already be using the hreflang attribute. We’re going to walk you through the basics of hreflang and show you the 10 most common mistakes with hreflang implementation, so you don’t have to make them, too.

Gianna Brachetti-Truskawa has been working in Online Marketing since 2009, including as former Head of SEO at various agencies and Senior SEO Consultant at She is currently an International Senior SEO/Audience Manager at the Aufeminin Group ( and in various countries). Favourite topics: and multilingual content markup on complex websites with exotic languages. Her insatiable curiosity covers more topics than there are hours in a week, but her special passion is language in all its different quirks and features. And food of course. FOOD!

Daniela Matos Campos, Head of SEO, Scout24 Group

Topic at Summit: Content on the move – How to manage a smooth migration

Description: AutoScout24, founded in Munich in 1998, is the largest car marketplace in Europe. 20 years later here we are, about to migrate our entire content area. A website content migration is a complex process which we have all faced, or will face, in our careers. With this session, I would like to guide you through the different steps and processes of a migration:

  • Do you have a good strategy in place?
  • Did you choose the right CMS?
  • Do you have the right and/or a complete team in place?
  • Which content should you migrate and which content should you delete?
  • Have you defined a content structure?


Daniela is Portuguese, studied Economics in Lisbon and started her career at Santander Bank. In 2012 she came to Germany and decided to change her career path and engage with the digital world. She started working at Rocket Internet, for a brand new Startup called “CupoNation” (now “Global Savings Group”), supporting their launch in different markets and being responsible for the SEO strategy and teams in Brazil, Spain and Italy. Daniela is now Head of SEO at Scout24 group, responsible for the overall SEO Strategy of the two main verticals: ImmobilienScout24 and AutoScout24.

Bartosz Goralewicz, Co-Founder, Elephate

Topic at the Summit: Advanced Technical SEO – in-depth look into JavaScript SEO and technology behind Googlebot

Description: This session’s focus is on taking a closer look at crawling and indexing, I will talk about aspects often overlooked while looking at websites. After the session, you will know how to troubleshoot any indexing issues even better than Google’s Fetch and Render tool. You will be one of the first ones to see results of my SEO experiments, busing some of the popular SEO myths.

Bartosz Góralewicz is the CEO at Elephate, an SEO agency that specializes in preventing and curing technical SEO issues for businesses of all sizes, including renowned international corporations. He is passionate about sharing his expertise and frequently publishes thorough case studies. In his off time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two young baby girls.

Emilie Reynaud, International Project Manager, Ringier

Topic at the Summit: Some like it bot: What I have learnt from launching a chatbot

Description: Since their launch on Messenger in 2016, there’s been little avoiding the topic of chatbot. Around 18 months later, what are the learnings from early adopters and the potential of the technology? What are the pitfalls to avoid and the best practices to ensure a successful service? This talk is designed to give you hands-on tips for launching a chatbot, based on best practices and Emilie’s own experience launching a job search chatbot in Tanzania.

Emilie Reynaud: After various freelance, start-ups and big companies experiences in all areas of marketing, Emilie Reynaud is currently working as an International Project Manager at Ringier, a worldwide media & classifieds powerhouse, where she spent the last years leading the implementation of innovative initiatives within the group.

Nils Kattau, Conversion Optimisation Expert

Topic at the Summit: High-end Form Optimisation For More Leads & Sign-Ups


This is my recipe for high converting forms.

I will teach you:

  • Where is the right position for forms in different situations?
  • What does it take to get people to actually fill in their data?
  • How can you find and communicate compelling benefits?
  • How to control quality and quantity of leads?
  • What do you have to focus on for high mobile conversion rates?

Nils Kattau is one of the leading conversion optimisation experts. He shares his knowledge in conversion and growth marketing as keynote speaker, university lecturer and author. Each month, he reaches thousands of marketers through his Facebook livestreams and Youtube videos.


Jono Alderson, Principal Consultant. Distilled

Topic at the Summit: Digital marketing is dead: survival tips for what comes next

Description: Jono has spent years exploring the future of digital, building a vision of what the landscape might look like, and mapping out what we need to do to prepare. However… under his calm, quiet demeanour, he’s getting increasingly nervous about where it’s all going, and what it means to us as individuals. In this talk, he shares his hopes, fears, and ideas for how to survive in the dystopia of tomorrow…

Jono is a digital strategist, marketing technologist and full-stack developer with over a decade of experience SEO, analytics, brand & campaign strategy, lead gen & eCRM, CRO and more. He’s worked with agencies, startups, and household brands to define, support and deliver successful growth strategies.

Christian Oliveira, Technical SEO Consultant, Freelance

Topic at the Summit: Why your analytics tool may be lying to you about AMP

Description: We are so inmersed in the era of data-driven decisions that sometimes we forget to understand where our data comes from and if it is reliable. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) has been gaining a lot of buzz since the project was launched in February 2016, delivering really fast pages to mobile users directly from Google’s search results. What has not been gaining so much buzz is the fact that the way Google uses to deliver those pages makes your analytics tool data get messy. This session will help you understand why this happens, how you need to be careful when taking decisions after implementing AMP, what Google has been doing to fix this problem and what are the solutions up to date.


Christian Oliveira is a Technical SEO Consultant working as a Freelance while travelling the world. He left his previous job at Unidad Editorial (which owns two of the most popular websites in Spain: and to embrace this new lifestyle, and has been travelling though Asia and Europe during the last year. Apart from managing the SEO efforts at, he was also the Product Manager for the AMP Project inside the company, working directly with Google and other news websites with a tight deadline for the launch of the project globally on February 2016.

Bastian Grimm, Peak Ace

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Bastian Grimm, CEO & Director Organic Search, Peak Ace AG

Topic at Summit: International Site Speed: A Complete Guide To Super-Speed Around The World

Description: Site speed is an important factor for search engines and users alike; a slow site most likely means slow sales and low rankings. Bastian Grimm will share his top strategies for ensuring your site loads as fast as possible, wherever in the world it’s being accessed. He’ll dig into HTTPS and HTTP/2, image formats, custom fonts and AMP, as well as sharing insights into which tools can help when optimising site speed on an international scale.

Bastian Grimm is Director Organic Search at Peak Ace and a renowned expert for large scale, international SEO – handling sites of almost any size in highly competitive industries. Having a background in software development and more than 15 years of experience in online marketing, Bastian still hugely enjoys all aspects of technical SEO. Peak Ace is an award winning, Berlin-based full service performance marketing agency with a strong focus on “all things search” serving clients in more than 20 different languages.

Marcus Tober at the Searchmetrics Summit

searchmetrics logo klein

Marcus Tober, CTO & Founder, Searchmetrics

Topic at the Summit: Know Your Audience – How Search Data Helps Improve Your Content Strategy

Description: If modern marketers want to rise above the competition, guesswork is no longer an option. Search data is the solution to step out of the void that surrounds content marketers when it comes to developing, executing and measuring a sustainable online content strategy and creating content for milliseconds of customer decision-making. Searchmetrics founder Marcus Tober shows how to succeed by sticking to a simple strategy: Know your audience!

Marcus Tober, CTO and Founder of Searchmetrics, is known throughout the SEO industry (and beyond) as the founder and driving innovative force of Searchmetrics. Furthermore, he has graced many international stages as an insightful contributor and respected expert. The self-confessed “big data and statistics freak” is well-known for his appearances and keynote speeches at congresses, symposiums and think tank events across the world.

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Björn Beth, Director Professional Services, Searchmetrics

Topic at the Summit: The Big Hairy Relaunch Monster!

Description: Top Relaunch Types and how to deal with them like a Ghost Buster!

Nowadays most of the websites which have been out there for a long time, need a relaunch in order to keep up with their industries.

Technologies have changed since and Google has too. Many Websites changing their website technology and relaunch from HTML to JavaScript based Applications. HTTPS is a hot topic, as it became a Ranking Factor already in 2014. But just redesigning your Webshop, can have a big impact, when it comes to Rankings, Traffic and Conversions.

In this Session you will learn:

  • How to organize Relaunch Projects with a Project Management Approach
  • How to deal with JavaScript Frameworks
  • How to migrate to HTTPS
  • The most common mistakes when relaunching and how to avoid them


Björn Beth is Director of Professional Services EMEA at Searchmetrics and heading the internal SEO Consulting Department. Throughout his Career he implemented successfully SEO Strategies at large Companies, such as Swiss Media House „Ringier“ and „Ricardo Group“ – Switzerlands biggest Ecommerce Platform.

He has experience with large news sites, marketplaces, online Shops as well as classified sites. He started his SEO Career in London, where he was working for Lead Generation Firm „MVF Global“. Björn is specialized in large Websites with focus on Technical SEO & Content Marketing.

The Panelists at the Searchmetrics Summit 2017:



Olaf Kopp is Co-Founder, Head of SEO and Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) at Aufgesang Inbound Marketing GmbH. He specializes in online marketing and content marketing strategies throughout the customer journey, semantic SEO und digital brand building. As co-organiser of SEAcamp, he has been involved in social media marketing, Google AdWords, SEO and content marketing since 2005.​


Fili Wiese is a renowned technical SEO expert and former senior Google Search Quality team member. At he offers SEO consultancy services with SEO Audits, SEO workshops and successfully recovers websites from Google penalties.