Forrester: 510% Return
on Investment for
Searchmetrics Customers

The world of online search and content optimization is a difficult one to navigate for SEOs, content managers and marketing execs. Between Google’s close-held and constantly evolving algorithms, the meteoric rise of mobile search, and the extraordinary volume of platforms with which to manage it all, the job of optimizing a site for search has never proven more difficult.

Trying to find the tool that will provide the most bang for your budget when building online visibility is a daunting task in and of itself. Platforms make promises that become difficult to quantify as they require time to prove themselves out. How do you know you made the right decision years ago, and could you be getting better results right now?

In an effort to help provide online marketing teams with a metric from which they can make an informed decision, Searchmetrics turned to Forrester to uncover the true value of the Searchmetrics’ Enterprise SEO and content marketing platform. Based on interviews with five Searchmetrics Suite customers in Europe and the U.S., Forrester found that enterprises would see a 510% ROI in the Searchmetrics Suite over three years.

The study revealed that a representative enterprise organization of 6,000 employees with 80 full-time marketing employees could see three-year benefits of $4.9 million and a three-year net present value of over $4 million.

Some of the other highlights from the study include:

  • 25% lift in web traffic
    Using Searchmetrics delivers a risk-adjusted $700,000 increase in advertising revenue for representative companies over three years.
  • 20% daily productivity gain in the digital marketing team, translating to $4.3 million
    A company using Searchmetrics could free two full-time SEO employees to work on other pursuits in the digital marketing team, saving as much as $855,000 over three years.


During the course of their investigation, Forrester also uncovered that the Searchmetrics Suite:

  • Optimized online presence across mobile and desktop searches through the use of Searchmetrics’ online visibility score.
  • Aided digital marketing teams to continually optimize their website content, social media programs, digital advertising campaigns and email communications with their prospects and customers.
  • Provided dashboards and reporting that helped SEO teams easily track customer performance globally on a country by country basis.


For all the details, check out the infographic and download the full Searchmetrics Total Economic Impact Study.

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The Total Economic Impact™ of the Searchmetrics Suite, a March 2016 commissioned study, was conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Searchmetrics.