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Searchmetrics brings back data driven decisions.

Traffic Insight – the only working solution for “not provided”!

Searchmetrics Traffic Insight has finally closed the “not provided” information gap for high-traffic keywords. Unlike the rest, Traffic Insight does not provide an alternative, it provides the only working solution for online businesses. Thanks to our URL-based concept, Searchmetrics will continue to provide keywords hidden by Google, including traffic data as well as new keyword potential for the best possible optimization. With Searchmetrics Traffic Insight, businesses can make the right decisions based on dependable data!



Advantages of Searchmetrics Traffic Insight:

  • Identify keywords driving traffic on a URL level
  • Analyze dedicated traffic development of your keywords to improve SEO and content strategies
  • Expand your reach with new keyword potential for landing pages
  • Increase ROI by monitoring up to four conversions for each URL
  • Strengthen campaigns by investigating user signals such as time on site and bounce rate
  • Enhance your PPC campaigns by leveraging organic traffic keywords

Yann Gabay, Netbooster

“With the fact that more and more traffic that comes from SEO is not provided Searchmetrics becomes more usefill. e can link the ranking of the keyword with th eSEO traffic and correaalte that to show that we have improved the SEO traffic for this keyword.

Yann Gabay, Head of Southern Europ at NetBooster

The Problem: Keyword “Not Provided”

The improvement of search engine optimization by Google is continuing to diminish businesses awareness of keyword data. Through the increased removal of information, visits to online campaigns and landing pages from organic search no longer contain any specific keyword data. Thus creating the problem of keyword “not provided”. This unaccounted information presents a new challenge in the development of SEO strategies and business decisions.

The only working Solution: Searchmetrics Traffic Insight



Access reliable keyword & traffic data

Searchmetrics Suite Traffic Insight EN

Traffic Insight is the first solution to deliver relevant keywords (Top-Impacting Keywords) at a URL-level. In addition to SEO and PPC traffic, you get specific traffic data (Traffic Impact) for every keyword at a URL level. This way you can work directly on optimizing relevant keywords and monitor the effects on your URL-based traffic.

Unleash hidden potentials

Quickly discover new keywords with high traffic potential in Keyword Opportunities to get the most out of your campaigns. By leveraging Keyword Opportunities in Traffic Insight, you can optimize keyword coverage with impactful content to further drive the right audience to your site.


Accurately monitor conversions & user signals

With Traffic Insight, instantly manage conversion targets for every URL to identify the performance of your landing pages. With more channels directing traffic to your site, isolate traffic development for various devices such as desktop, smartphone and tablet. Furthermore, analyze user signals such as time on site or bounce rate to learn more about your landing page.

Searchmetrics’ Reverse Engineering

Traffic Insight Infographic Preview

Searchmetrics’ Reverse Engineering is pioneering the way businesses make decisions for their online campaigns. Thanks to the reconstruction of keyword and traffic data via the fusion of various data sources and algorithmic calculations, Searchmetrics is the only provider that will not interrupt businesses insights into keyword data. This distinct advantage, allows you to obtain optimum benefits that relate to conversion values and user signals.

In addition to insights on search volume and position, our international team of analysts considers the individual click-through rate per keyword. This is possible thanks to Searchmetrics’ unique global research database. This gigantic data resource has more than 600 million keywords and 130 million domains for 26 countries – including traffic information. Furthermore, data sources from a web-analytics integration (traffic and PPC data) as well as from Google Search Console are included in the calculation. This is the only groundbreaking technology to give accurate data to businesses looking to make effective decisions when optimizing their online campaigns.

Important note: To access Traffic Insight data, a web-analytics integration with either Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics is needed. Those looking to optimize data calculation, we recommend a connection to Google Search Console. Additional support of web-analytics providers is coming to the Searchmetrics Suite soon.

Download the infographic here.