Your pathfinder to compelling storytelling

Christopher Columbus stumbled onto America while searching out new trade routes to the East Indies. Newton postulated the theory of gravity after seeing an apple fall from a tree. Don’t wait for serendipity to help invent your future in online storytelling.

Searchmetrics Content Experience acts as your pathfinder through billions of Internet text, audio and video, helping you define your content strategy and count on a predictable outcome.

Research Cloud

Research Cloud

The heart of the Searchmetrics Content Experience story, both ours and yours, is Research Cloud. It’s the most comprehensive and easy to use database of SEO and content information in the world. The story it tells enables digital marketers to get to the heart of search and content performance right away.

Topic Explorer Screenshot

Topic Explorer

Start by using the Searchmetrics Content Experience Topic Explorer. Get general information about a topic, or go deep to see what potential competitors are saying, while determining how you can stand out:

  • Understand user intent. Build your content based on whether the search query seeks information or transactions
  • Create a graphical view of topics and related keywords
  • Drive strategy by understanding when during the year a topic is most likely to drive revenue

To learn more about the process,
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