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Make better decisions with market research on-demand.

A market research subscription service, Searchmetrics Insights affordably scales to a depth and breadth normally out of reach for most companies.

3 Steps to on-demand
research without limits

Searchmetrics Insights: Step 1: Select Your Categories
Step 1: Select Your Categories

Select from the array of out-of-the box product categories including Electronics, Apparel, Kids, Shoes, Baby Products, Lighting, Kitchen, Food and more.

Searchmetrics Insights: Step 2: Select data sets and KPI's
Step 2: Select data sets and KPI's

Customize your category selections by adding Growth, Competition and Consumer data sets with their own unique KPI’s to understand past and projected growth rates, share of market data and consumer behavior.

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Step 3: Data Delivery

Subscription and one-off data services can be delivered via business intelligence integrations, excel or simply raw data.


Market research without limits.

Do you have the data you need to make decisions? Are you held back by the expense and limitations of traditional market research? Is the data timely, accurate, flexible and cost effective? If not, we can help.


Avoid the perils of small data sets.

With the world’s search activity at your fingertips, avoid the perils of small datasets, biased populations, poorly formulated research and your customers’ own unconscious biases.


Stay on top of rapidly changing market conditions.

Searchmetrics Insights data is dynamic – constantly revealing new trends, available when you need them, allowing you to mine customer search activity to render data that reflects rapidly changing market conditions.


Make strategic decisions with confidence.

Tap into the 3.5 billion daily searches that drive the engines of global commerce. With the world’s search activity at your fingertips, delve into growth, competitive and consumer data across product categories, countries and regions.

Search behavior reveals so much more than traditional market research.

Expert analysis and guidance

Discover hidden market and category trends

with product demand data based on search volume over time.

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Exploit weak competitor strategies

including missed demand surges and lack of category diversity.

Understand consumer intent

Understand consumer intent

with intent-based product demand data including informational, transactional and navigational data.

Benchmark your performance

by establishing and monitoring competitive share of market across categories, segments, localities and search engines.

Sell out each season

with trend data that reveals hidden seasonal lags and surges.

Accurately Size Niche Markets

with a 50+ Petabyte search data set unbounded by traditional research methods.

At Searchmetrics, handling search data has always been part of our DNA. Searchmetrics Insights closes the gap between search data and strategic decision making.
Lisann Kohnke, Head of Insights at Searchmetrics
Lisann Kohnke

Head of Insights

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