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Keyword Research

Keyword research lets you analyze potential keywords and identify related keywords. To begin the research, select a country and enter your desired keyword.

Keyword Discovery now displays monthly search volume, annual search volume distribution, cost per click (CPC), and the traffic value potential for the selected keyword. It will also list and cluster similar keywords so that they can compare topic groups and KPIs. These include, for example, the SERP features, seasonality, as well as the CPC and ad budget estimated by competitors.

The search volume and CPC are especially good indicators for the demand and the competition for the respective keyword. The seasonality of the keyword tells you whether users are interested in the topic year-round, or whether you should focus on a particular season.


Use the topic clusters next to the keyword lists to identify keyword groups that you should consider in your content strategy. You can organize the clusters by keyword number or search volume to prioritize topics.

With Keyword Discovery, you can identify relevant search terms and prioritize them for your strategy. The keyword rankings show an enriched view of the SERP for your keyword.

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