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Easily analyze the rankings of a domain’s URLs in search engine results pages, identify the links of a domain and track the SEO/PPC visibility of a website with Searchmetrics SEO & Link Analyzer app. 
Even the effects of Google updates like Panda or Penguin can quickly be evaluated by the weekly trend data. Additionally, you can analyze as many domains as you like.

The Searchmetrics SEO & Link Analyzer app: Take your analyses and data “on the go”!


New Features in Version 1.1.0. (updated April 2014)

  • Comparison Mode *NEW: You can now compare two domains/URLs regarding each KPI
  • Bookmark Feature *NEW: Save your performed analyses or domains/URLs in a list for faster access
  • Improved Performance (loads much faster)
  • Bugfixes

We appreciate your time and valuable feedback in helping us make SEO & Link Analyzer better!

App as SEO-Software: Data powered by Searchmetrics

SEO Link Analyzer App

The app – originating out of an in-house Hackathon – splendidly utilizes the possibilities of the Searchmetrics API, which is part of the Searchmetrics SEO platform software, Searchmetrics Suite – the world’s largest database for SEO containing information about several million keywords worldwide.

What is SEO?

Definition of Search Engines and Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists of the analysis and optimization of the performance / display of web pages in search engines (for example Google, Bing, etc.).

Search engines work with algorithms to structure their search results and bring them in an order (ranking) that is finally displayed to the user after entering a keyword query. These calculations are based on certain parameters – such as “number and quality of links”, “domain popularity”, “social visibility”, etc. – which, in their entirety, eventually result in a SEO score for a website / domain / URL, after which Google & Co. weigh their relevance for a specific keyword.

Keywords are particular words or phrases that describe the contents of a web page and are intended to act as shortcuts that sum up an entire page. They help search engines match a page with an appropriate search query a user is typing into the search box.


SEO, Link and Paid Analyses “on-the-go”

The relevant search parameters are displayed clearly within the easy-to-use layout and menu of the Searchmetrics app. Thus, data can be easily interpreted – either as a kind of more holistic and general SEO report or with specific highlighted features like onpage / offpage SEO, PPC or even keywords and individual rankings. The app’s menu is categorized into the four major sections: Home, SEO and (Back)Links.

Based on the information from the app, users can quickly and easily perform competitive analyses, compare domains regarding each KPI, interpret and control SEO link building measures or even take a look at the current winner/loser keywords on a weekly basis. In short, the app enables users to plan website optimization efforts, perform analyses and measure their ROI and success, even when it comes to ad campaigns.


SEO training course for dummies and best practices

The SEO & Link Analyzer app also serves as a best practice guide containing information on how to learn SEO; fitting both beginners – containing easy to interpret SEO tips for dummies – and advanced users/SEOs – containing all important information “to go”.


Features of the SEO & Link Analyzer app:

SEO Analysis

The SEO Analysis section of the SEO & Links Analyzer app contains data for keywords, rankings and visibility of a domain based on data from organic search.

  • SEO Rank

    The SEO rank shows the selected domain’s position in the country’s top list for SEO visibility.


  • SEO Visibility

    SEO Visibility presents the current trend (value) and historical development (graph) of a domain’s visibility in search engines and is composed (among other factors) of search volume and the position of ranking keywords making it possible to compare the performance of different domains in search engines.

    Click on the score for a closer look at each graph. Turn the device left or right to view the graph in full screen.


  • Visibility Trend

    SEO Visibility trend in percent on a weekly basis.

  • Keyword Rankings

    List of Keywords, a domain is ranking for, as well as their respective:

    • Position
    • Search Volume
    • Average CPC


  • Number of ranking Keywords

    Total Number of a domain‘s ranking Keywords in the data base.

  • Top 10 Keywords

    List of all Keywords of a domain with URLs ranking on position 1-10.


  • Winner/Loser

    Overview about positions and trends for individual keyword rankings on a weekly basis.


  • World Visibility

    Sum of the visibility values of a domain in all analyzed countries.

Link Analysis

The Link Analysis section of the SEO & Link Analyzer app contains data about the bare number but also about specific (quality) features of backlinks pointing to a domain/URL.

  • Link Rank

    The link rank shows the selected domain’s position with regard to linking for the country in question. The more links to the domain and the better the quality of these links (and their sources), the better the link rank.


  • Number of Backlinks

    Backlinks are the number of incoming links to the selected domain.


  • Link Sources

    List of URLs linking to the selected domain/URL.

  • Searchmetrics Page Strength (SPS)

    SPS, our version of PageRank, refers to the authority of links pointing to a domain. SPS factors in both quality and quantity of links from the referring domain based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most authoritative.

  • Referring Domains

    Number of different domains linking to a URL.

  • Class C Pop

    Number of different Hosting-Providers of all linking domains.

  • Top Anchor Texts

    Overview and Frequency of terms and phrases with which link sources are linking to a URL.


PPC Analysis

The PPC Analysis section of the SEO & Link Analyzer app contains data about ad campaigns and paid activities of a domain in search engines as well as the affected keywords.

  • PPC Rank

    The PPC rank shows the selected domain’s position in the country’s top list for paid visibility and aggregates the paid search results for the analyzed page into an index value.


  • PPC Visibility / Paid Visibility

    Paid Visibility displays the visibility of the selected domain in paid search. It is based on the search volume and ad position of the ranked keywords and shows the advertising activity of a domain as a value or a trend, respectively, similar to SEO visibility for organic search. Click on the score for a closer look at each graph. Turn the device left or right to view the graph in full screen.

  • Paid Keywords

    Keywords, the domain is engaging in advertisement for.


  • #1 Keywords

    Top advertised Keywords


  • Average CPC

    Average of costs, an advertiser has to pay search engines for each click of a customer on a banner/ad.

    • Domain Comparison: One-to-one comparison between two different domains regarding each KPI of the app at a glance
    • Bookmarks of your favorite and/or recently ananlyzed domains/URLs
    • 20 country codes
    • Help Button on every page
    • Use the App anonymously or create a login