Searchmetrics Site and Link Optimization:
Optimize both site and internal link structure
to maximize relevance and visibility

A website’s technical structure plays a central role in determining its success or failure. Searchmetrics Site Structure Optimization is a deep crawl website spider that provides an in-depth view of a site’s architecture and the content structure of its pages—enabling online marketers to optimize them in a targeted manner.

Now SEO professionals can develop content and customer-centric websites that are also accessible and attractive to search engines. For example, developing Page Groups helps identify opportunities to improve the performance for entire page segments. You can crawl domains based on in-depth, actionable recommendations to create a best-in-class architecture that supports engaging content and fosters relevancy and visibility.

Site Optimizatation

With Searchmetrics, you can:

  • Use customized, on-demand options to crawl up to two million domain URLs
  • Define meaningful URL groups and optimize entire page segments at once for goal-oriented performance boosts
  • Receive precise evaluations of pages (including warnings) with optimization suggestions to increase visibility
  • Analyze load times, file sizes and on-page errors


Link Optimization:
Maximize your performance
with the optimal link structure

Internal link structure is one of the most underestimated ways to optimize your website. Internal links are the foundation of every online presence and are just as important as great content. Even the best content will fail if the internal link structure is not user centric.

With Searchmetrics Link Optimization you can analyze your entire internal link structure and receive targeted recommendations to optimally link your pages. Improve your user experience and help your visitors to find the information that they are looking for. Help Search engines better understand the context of your website and increase your site’s relevance and ranking power – for improved performance and maximum visibility.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Immediately identify which pages have the greatest link optimization potential – thanks to the integration with Searchmetrics Suite project data
  • Hone your link structure to correctly distribute link juice and increase performance
  • Intuitive visual representations simplify the optimization process and show you where to begin, saving valuable time

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