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We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and equitable workplace. Familiarize yourself with our teams and discover the benefits of becoming a Searchmetrician.

Meet Our Teams

Engineering und Design Department Searchmetrics

Engineering, Product & UX

Working with big data and search is just part of the story. Experience personal growth while working with people who care and have an opportunity to build a product. Don’t just code, build something with us.

Marketing Department Searchmetrics


Learn how a multinational tech org markets world-class solutions. Work with premier talent that has ownership to influence the future of search. Promote products and solutions that are changing how businesses meet their goals.

HR Department Searchmetrics

People & Business Applications

This is the engine that makes this cutting-edge, multinational technology company perform. They enable team spirit, the Searchmetrics culture and the infrastructure that we build and nurture every day.

Services Department Searchmetrics


Where our leading professional services and world class SEO and content marketing technologies come together. Our Consultants and Client Success teams influence and advise some of the most-recognized brands and drive the modern marketing workforce.

Finance and Legal Department Searchmetrics

Finance & Legal

In a company known for its big data and enterprise products and services, our finance and legal team ensures everything runs smoothly.

Sales Department Searchmetrics

Sales & Account Management

Experts who hone the art of complex solution sales in a fast-growing environment, where our data-driven team provides products and services to the most respected brands in the world.

Benefits for all Searchmetricians:

  • Remote work options
  • Working for company that cares about diversity and corporate social responsibility
  • A career model that encourages growth into an expert or leadership role
  • Support from a multi-national team of cool people, from more than 25 different countries
  • Opportunities to play big every day and make an impact
  • Personal development and wellbeing budget
  • Company-sponsored fitness club membership
  • Regular team and company events
  • Relocation support, if needed
  • Extra benefits, based on location

Company Values

The Searchmetrics Company Values build the foundation for our culture. They guide our beliefs, attitudes, processes, decisions and behavior as a company, as well as reflect our daily interactions with our colleagues and clients.
Innovation Icon

A touchstone of company culture, we share a common passion to innovate for growth, for the success of our brand and to nurture our intellectual property. Innovation fuels the engines of Searchmetrics’ growth.

Customer Values Icon
Customer Value

We embrace a visionary mindset that encompasses thinking, discovering, trying, failing, learning, working and succeeding in providing unique value to our clients every day. Customer value rests at the center of our thinking and acting.

Excellence Icon

With a laser-focused drive and passion to succeed, we innovate and create the best products and solutions that set the market pace. We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Respect Icon
Respect for the Individual

We foster an inclusive environment that values the uniqueness of our team members. Ours is a fair and positive environment where people can grow, achieve their goals and succeed. This underlying currency of respect does not allow for harassment or intimidation. We encourage and embrace different points of view that encourage a healthy debate that is never personal.

Team Icon

We are connected by innovation, excellence and respect for the individual. Focused on our common purpose of delivering customer value, we thrive on balanced, decision-making and cooperation across functions and regions. We embrace cultural diversity and the strength that comes with it.

Power in Numbers.

At Searchmetrics we love data, and we are happy to share some insights about our amazing Searchmetricians with you

Gender Demographics - Careers at Searchmetrics

Gender Demographics

Gender parity is on our mind and we are committed to creating a workforce that includes a balanced representation of male, female and non-binary Searchmetricians.

What Searchmetrics speaks

Spoken Languages

Our internal communications are predominately English, however our local teams include many people fluent in other languages too. 25+ languages to be exact!

Code of Conduct.

From our senior leadership to the newest team members, our diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce informs on our mission, vision, values, and workplace practices every single day.

Icon - Stronger together

Stronger Together

What makes each of us different and unique makes us even stronger together. Understanding, accepting, and valuing the differences in people – the blends of ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, abilities, sexual orientations, educations, personalities, skill sets, experiences, and knowledge levels – makes us ready for whatever is next.

Icon - Diversity Matters

Diversity Matters

To understand, accept and value the differences between people, including race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability, and sexual orientation, as well as our differences in education, personalities, skill sets, experiences, and knowledge.

Icon - Collaboration and Support

Collaboration and Support

To ensure inclusion in the workplace by creating a collaborative, supportive, and respectful working environment that fosters participation and contribution from all employees.

Icon - Corporate Ethics

Corporate Ethics

To live by our corporate values and be good corporate citizens – be ethical, comply with legal rules and responsibilities while being profitable. Ethical conduct is a responsibility for each one of us.

Company Affinity


Affinity groups represented at Searchmetrics

We all identify differently. We asked our team the question, “What affinity groups do you most directly identify with?” You will find a wide range of people in the teams across the globe in these groups and more.

Careers Page Culture Top 3


How do Searchmetricians describe our Company Culture?

When our teams were asked to describe who we are, we discovered three core traits: we are open, we are welcoming, and our diversity enriches our company culture.

Our International Culture


Where do our Searchmetricians come from?

Our team of Searchmetricians is truly global with many countries influencing our own internationality as a company.

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