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FAQ for Applicants

I have uploaded my CV, what's next ?

Our team of in-house recruiters review your experience and discuss your skills with the hiring manager. If we’d like to proceed with your application, we may follow up with questions or schedule an interview.

What is the application process?

If your application matches the requisite knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience, our team will set up an initial telephone or web screen. If there is mutual interest after the initial conversation, we will invite you to additional interviews, which may be virtual or on-site, depending on the role and preferences. This generally consists of two additional rounds.

In the interviews we will determine your grasp of the hard knowledge, skills, and abilities of the role as well as soft skills and team fit. For some positions there will be a questionnaire to be completed either in advance of the interview or during the interview. We will let you know in advance if this applies in your case.

If additional conversations or tests are required as part of the interview process, we will inform you of this during the initial screening and remind you throughout the process. We emphasize transparency and we know that your time is valuable; taking a new job is a big decision for everyone involved.

Am I tied to a specific location, or can I work remotely?

Now that on-site working is possible again, we offer our employees a remote or hybrid model for most positions. We want to enable our employees to work flexibly and individually in a way that promotes work-life balance, while at the same time ensuring that our offices are lively and that they promote in-person exchanges and collaboration. Of course, our employees are sufficiently equipped to access our tools and systems from anywhere they happen to work.

What is initial training like?

When starting a new company, it is critical to get off on the right foot with training. We are committed to a conscientious and detailed onboarding process. You will be partnered with an employee who will guide you through your early days and weeks.

Additionally, we have specific training tracks via Searchmetrics Academy to get our people started. You will meet your broader team and leadership team in the first few weeks of orientation, as well.

I can’t find an open role that’s right for me. What do I do?

We are continuously looking for talent. We look forward to receiving unsolicited resumes for the US and EMEA (m/f/d) via recruiting@searchmetrics.com.

Do you have an inclusive hiring process?

Yes. We’re an inclusive employer and this extends to how we hire.

We believe that what makes each of us different and unique helps make our organization stronger. Understanding, accepting, and valuing our differences – the blends of ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, abilities, sexual orientations, educations, personalities, skill sets, experiences, and knowledge levels – makes us ready for whatever is next. Searchmetrics aims to create and maintain an inclusive workplace. This includes providing equal opportunity in career and compensation irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual or religious orientation, or physical or mental ability. We have zero tolerance for harassment and discrimination.

Your question is not listed?

You may reach out to recruiting@searchmetrics.com to inquire directly.