Corporate Social Responsibility
at Searchmetrics

Ethics and sustainability matter at Searchmetrics. We are committed to being a responsible and accountable corporate citizen. Join us on our journey.

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Why the potato?

This holiday season, we’re helping those most in need by donating to food bank charities on behalf of all our customers and partners.
Wishing you happy holidays and a successful 2023.

Searchmetrics has been awarded the certificate "Role Model in Diversity and Diversity" by the F.A.Z Institut.

Company Affinity

Inclusive Workplace

Searchmetrics aims to create and maintain an inclusive workplace. This includes providing equal opportunity in career and compensation irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual or religious orientation, or physical or mental ability.

We have zero tolerance for harassment and discrimination.

Steps we’ve taken to improve workplace inclusivity:

  • Mandatory Unconscious Bias in the Workplace training certification for all hiring managers.
  • Installed a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council.
  • Established Affinity Programs that are in continual development.
  • Organized team building and social activities within departments as well as cross-functionally enabling open communication and learning – for example, regularly scheduled lunch-learning sessions.
  • Live inclusivity in the workplace by embodying our values and principles in every setting, enabling our people to bring their authentic self to work.
Searchmetrics Sustainability & the Environment


Searchmetrics aims to take meaningful action to offset our environmental impact and positively influence climate change.

Given the nature of our products and services, the more significant aspects of our ecological footprint are emissions from datacenter usage, travel and electricity.

Steps we’ve taken to improve our environmental impact:

  • We’ve made commitments to transitioning our electricity providers to green energy, on our upcoming contract renewal, in all office locations — globally.
  • We offset all business trip flights with trees planted equivalent to the emissions created by our journey. We believe planting trees is an investment into our planet’s future and not only offsets our travel but benefits the local communities where the planting takes place.
  • We are in the process of eliminating single-use plastics in all office locations.
  • Our U.S. office buildings are LEED certified.
  • All office locations have recycling bins for plastic, metal, glass and paper waste.
Searchmetrics Ethics & Sustainability Vendor Selection Photo

Supply Chain

Searchmetrics aims to develop and maintain a high level of sustainability and ethics when selecting vendors and suppliers.

Our organization has a responsible buying mindset and is guided by reputable organizations to support supplier selection decisions.

How we’re ensuring we work with ethical companies:

  • Partnering with the UN Global Compact to set up our vendor selection protocol in the ideal way to meet our sustainability and ethics goals.
  • Introducing extra screening checks with any new vendor contracts. We screen based on sustainability agendas and initiatives including diversity and inclusion, environment, supply chain, and social responsibility.
Volunteering at Searchmetrics

Social Responsibility

Searchmetrics aims to be a responsible part of the local communities in which we run our offices. We also strive to be a socially responsible corporate citizen.
We follow applicable laws, rules, regulations, and company policies, at all times. We reject corruption in all forms, including extortion and bribery. We will not force our people to interact with businesses they personally consider unethical.

We will deny accepting business from industries/customers who are known to conduct illegal business or to be engaged in child exploitation, modern slavery or people trafficking. To avoid conflicts of interest and to remain neutral, we will no longer take on political parties and religious organizations as customers.

Step we’ve taken to contribute positively to society:

  • We run Searchmetrics Global Charity Days. These are team-based charity events where our people are invited and encouraged to participate and give back to the community.
  • Each of our employees are encouraged to take two days of volunteer work per year with any NGO of their choosing within their regular working hours. With more than 200 employees, we contribute 400-plus days to charity each year.
  • We donate 30 software licenses, per year, to NGOs.
  • We donate used company hardware, including laptops, mobile devices and other used equipment to families and communities in need.

Our CSR Objectives

At the heart of our objectives is our eagerness to consistently do better. We take constant improvement seriously by setting clear objectives.
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Objective 1: Foster a Green Workplace
  • By mid-2022, we will ascertain our real carbon footprint then set up a long-term carbon offset program.
  • By mid-2022, we will have an active program that offsets business trips by investing in emission reduction programs.
  • By the end of 2022, all offices will run on green energy.
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Objective 2: Grant Free Software to NGOs

Each year, we will donate 30 licenses to NGOs.

Icon Volunteering
Objective 3: Conduct Regular Pro-Bono Work & Volunteering

Each year, Searchmetrics staff can donate their time, up to two days, to any NGO of their choosing — as part of their regular working days. We will set up tracking in order to show our contributions over time.

Icon Gender Equality
Objective 4: Even out the gender imbalance

By the end of 2022, we aim to improve our gender balance by 2%.

To some, 2% may seem small. However, our ability to bridge the gap increases as our company grows. Our concentrated effort to interview a large percentage of female candidates for each role is just one way we’re working to correct the balance. Our ultimate goal is to see our gender imbalance improve above industry norms.


Objective 5: Obtain UN Global Compact Signatory

In 2021, we have joined the United Nations Global Compact to commit to principles of business where human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption inform our daily work and company culture.