“Searchmetrics reveals the low-hanging fruit. And it gives us a good idea of the potential of a particular page.”

Kyle Webber, Digital Marketing Manager for Teespring

As a Searchmetrics customer
you are in good company

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“Searchmetrics has a holistic approach, which I enjoy.”

Victoria Olsina, SEO and Acquistion Manager, Barclays

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Hamilton Kiah, Fastspring

“It is imperative for our business to have a comprehensive view of crucial data sets in an SEO and Content Marketing platform. Searchmetrics helps us create high-quality content and measure its effectiveness in a strategic way.”

Hamilton Kiah, Digital Media Strategist, FastSpring

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“Searchmetrics has been great in helping us create a content strategy, because it provides information of the user and his intent.”

Margarita Grisales, Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing, Golf Channel

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Christopher Rossinelli, SEO & Content Manager at Holiday Hypermarket

“Working with Searchmetrics has really helped us optimize our site. On the one hand, we built a solid web foundation by reducing errors and warnings some 41%; and on the other hand, Searchmetrics helped us increase our domain score to rank higher and be more visible online.”

Christopher Rossinelli, SEO & Content Manager at Holiday Hypermarket

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W. L. Gore W. L. Gore

“The Searchmetrics Suite and the Searchmetrics Content Experience support us in developing and implementing our online strategy. The Searchmetrics Content Experience makes it possible for us to create relevant content for our target groups and to measure the content’s success. This way, we can clearly see if our investment in content is paying off.”

Michael Wodetzki, SEO Specialist, AIDA Cruises


Michael Wodetzki, AIDA

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“Searchmetrics helps us to create better content, which ranks better.“

Serbay Arda Ayzit, Head of SEO, SEM

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Yigit Konur, SEOZEO

“Searchmetrics has amazing features and this is proven by the awards they get. But the most magical thing for me is their vision & how they see the future. As a leading SEO agency & host of the biggest SEO event in Turkey, we couldn’t imagine working without 2 years+ of historical SEO visibility data built on 1M+ keywords. You can’t get these data by investing in 2015, but Searchmetrics started working in 2012 to create this data for Turkish marketers. It required huge IT investment and now we are proud to have this opportunity as it makes our SEO process much easier.”

Yiğit Konur, Founder of SEOZEO

Helvetia Helvetia
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“By using the Searchmetrics Suite, we have search metrics like visibility and ranking data combined with those from our analytics solution.”

Ralph Stamm, Search Marketing/Analyst Specialist, Helvetia

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“The Searchmetrics integration with Adobe Experience Manager is one of the reasons why I love being a Searchmetrics customer. Searchmetrics and Adobe are changing the future of content marketing by providing valuable metrics and precise recommendations that no one else can.”

Steven Ray Marshall, Director of Web Marketing, Ring Central

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In terms of ROI, Searchmetrics has already paid for itself. It’s very systematic and predictable.”

Robert Lloyd, Head of SEO, Reprise Media

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“Searchmetrics has been our favorite SEO software from day one. Its international capabilities and visibility tracking help us make superior strategic decisions for our international clientele. With the integration of social into Searchmetrics, we’ve started using it in our social division. Now Searchmetrics is more valuable than ever before.”

Sebastian Wenzel, Webanalyticsbook

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“The reporting function is really great because we can choose the KPIs we monitor and include in reports.”

Samantha Organ, International SEO Manager, Zalando GmbH

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“Searchmetrics provides great insights to help us understand how the search investments we are making are resonating against our competition.”

Maxime Rauer, Manager, Natural Search, eBay

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