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Produce and maintain content that expressly meets the needs of your target audience. It’s our singular focus. We start with data science and use our experts to make sense of the deep-learning insights key to success in the universe of online content.

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Searchmetrics Agile Content Development

Searchmetrics Digital Strategies Content Evolution Circle

Agile Content Development

A cornerstone of Searchmetrics Digital Strategies Group is the Agile Content Development methodology: a technology-supported method to develop and continuously optimize content. The methodology revolutionizes the classic waterfall approach of developing content by continuously integrating the shifting interest and needs of your target audience into the content. Backed by the deep learning capabilities of the Searchmetrics Suite, the approach places the user voice at the center of your content marketing.

Our experienced team of experts is at your side

Marlon Glover

Marlon Glover, Content Marketing Services Team Lead

Areas of Expertise: Content Marketing, Strategic Consulting and Content Services

Michael Doberton

Michael Dobbertin, Content Strategist

Areas of Expertise: Content Strategy, Customer Success, Digital Marketing

Julian Barnes

Julian Barnes, Key Account Manager

Areas of Expertise: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO

Driven by the best of data-science and our content experts, we provide end-to-end services throughout the entire agile content development process.

Digital Strategies: SEO Check-up

STEP 1: SEO check-up. A comprehensive review of your domain and content ‘health’ by our Senior SEO Consultants
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Digital Strategies: Content Strategy

STEP 2: Targeted content design by our Content Strategists based on agreed upon goals.

Digital Strategies: Content Creation

STEP 3: Data-driven content production using our Searchmetrics Content Experience Software

Digital Strategies: Quality Insurance

STEP 4: Comprehensive quality review of your content

Digital Strategies: Reporting

STEP 5 – iterative: Targeted reporting by our Content Analysts
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Digital Strategies: Content Update

STEP 6 – iterative: Regular content updates for the greatest possible long-term success

Oh, and by the way: Our services are available for all your content needs, whether you need category, product, blog or expert-driven content. Just contact us!

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