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Content Score

The content score is an aggregated predictor for the competitiveness of on-line content. In the editor of Searchmetrics Content Experience (SCE) it serves as a data-supported indicator of the writing and optimization of high-quality, relevant content.

Searchmetrics Gossary: Content Score

The content score is calculated from various factors. It considers how many of the keywords recommended for the topic are included in the contribution. Must-have keywords, additional keywords and recommended keywords are weighted per their relevance. The content score also considers additional metrics such as the recommended text length and the readability score. The content score is calculated live in the editor, so that it is available to the copywriter as real-time feedback during the creation of content.

How high should the content be?

The target level of the content score can be manually set in the briefing editor. This creates the opportunity to adjust the target for the copywriter depending on the purpose. The recommended standard is 75 percent. Experience shows that a 75 percent content score is sufficient to write successful content.

A well-researched and structured text typically achieves a value of 40-60 percent without optimization of the content experience. By covering 2-3 subtopics that have been forgotten or neglected, this value can be quickly optimized to 75 percent. At the same time, the copywriter maintains sufficient artistic freedom to write a reader-friendly text.

Under a 75 percent content score the text is, in many cases, missing the competitive edge necessary to outperform competing content. An optimization to a score of 50 percent or less is not recommended under any circumstances.

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