Content that performs –
How user engagement leads to top rankings

You can plan your content success!

There are at least figures that could suggest this: 80% of all online content is invisible and goes unread.

In this whitepaper, “Content that performs: How user engagement leads to top rankings”, developed together with the content marketing and content seeding experts from Suxeedo, we show you how to use targeted, user-focused optimization to achieve a top ranking on Google, and thereby gain a decisive competitive advantage.

This means: It is possible to create content that is concretely matched to the needs of the user and is guaranteed to generate traffic.

Look forward to:

Finding out more about your users:

  • User Psychology
  • User Frame
  • User Geography


Learning how to create content that is relevant for your users:

  • User Intent: Content that listens to the user
  • User Signals: How you can measure user engagement
  • User Journey: A targeted way of guiding the user into the sales funnel
  • Case Study: How Suxeedo achieved a top ranking

Download the whitepaper here: