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Online Retail Market Analysis UK 2019

UK retail eCommerce sales exceeded £100 billion in 2019

That’s according to an eMarketer study, that also found that online sales now account for over a fifth of all retail in the United Kingdom. However, the online shopping market is very different from the offline world, with several exclusively online players, and a surprising lack of penetration for many familiar names from the high street.
In a far-reaching investigation of the online commerce market in the United Kingdom, Searchmetrics has analyzed eight major industries, with the results of the study now available for download.

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Key findings from the Online Retail Market Analysis UK for 2019:

  • The leading retailers in the online markets differ greatly from those in offline commerce.
  • Amazon dominates in many areas, but is comparatively weak in apparel, food and sporting goods.
  • Many big brands’ online presence fails to match the strength of their offline business – they are failing to maximise their online turnover as they miss out on potential visitors.

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