Mobile Ranking Factors 2015:
Mapping out mobile search

Ranking Factors goes mobile

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Is mobile search really that important?

Well, yes. According to Google, more searches are performed via mobile devices in many countries including key markets like the US or Japan. Since the Google mobile update, the proportion of mobile-friendly URLs within the mobile search results has increased continuously.

This study is aimed at webmasters, SEOs and content marketers who want to delve deeper into mobile search rankings and understand which factors can affect mobile search rankings.

Mobile Ranking Factors - Growth of mobile US



Mobile Ranking Factors: Mobile-friendly

What happened after Mobilegeddon?

By analyzing and contrasting data pre and post the Google mobile-friendly update, this paper tries to give a fuller, data-driven answer to this question.  In addition to this we also try to answer the following questions:

  • Which ranking factors are most important for mobile, particularly after the Google mobile update?
  • How do ranking factors differ in mobile and desktop search?
  • What average values do top-10 landing pages have in relation to these ranking factors?

In answering these questions, we aim to provide targeted recommendations from which you can derive and implement mobile-specific strategies for your own web projects. Knowing how content differs in mobile search compared with desktop is highly useful in benchmarking optimizing your page.

What did we find?

While of course there were many parallels to the desktop study, correlations and average values did differ across different ranking factors. Technical factors such as site speed remained important, and content still trumps backlinks, but to get the full picture you are just going to have to read the study…

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