Media Ranking Factors 2017

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For each industry, there are different ranking factors that are constantly changing. We had a look at these specific ranking factors at an industry level with the new Searchmetrics industry factors. In the following menu, you will find the five different industries that we have analyzed:

The online media industry covers not just news, but a vast range of sources of information. Most online publishers generate revenue by advertising, meaning that their existence depends on drawing as much traffic as possible to their site.

And not just on desktop. With 92% of under 30s now owning a smartphone, a mobile-optimized site is a must in the hugely competitive online publishing market.

Role of AMP in Online Media

But how do online media and publishers get users to visit their website? Which ranking factors are important in the media industry? How do the relevant criteria in the online media sector differ from those in other industries?

How should media sites structure their content to perform well in organic search? And how many publishers are already providing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for mobile users?

AMP for Media Ranking Factors

This Searchmetrics whitepaper answers these questions and more – and gives you practical recommendations to help you bring your media website up the Google rankings.

Teaser Ranking-Factors-Infographic-US-MEDIA

Infographic: Media Ranking Factors vs. Universal Ranking Factors

To highlight the main differences between the general average and the specific features of the media industry, we have developed an infographic.


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