SERP Integration Study: Google Shopping

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Investigating a possible impact of Google Shopping on the
organic search visibility of comparison shopping services

On 27th June, the European Commission’s issued a press release, “Antitrust: Commission fines Google €2.42 billion for abusing dominance as search engine by giving illegal advantage to own comparison shopping service.” This whitepaper assesses to what extent the statements made in the press release are supported or contradicted by our data, which is drawn from the Searchmetrics Suite and our underlying database, and which analyzes three markets: France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Trends for Google Shopping units vs Competitors Visibility

In particular, the analysis in this whitepaper takes a critical look at broad statements made by the European Commission, and examines where generalizations require closer inspection. We take a precise look at the story that our historical data tells us about Google Shopping and its competitors, and we assess whether statements made by the European Commission are fully justified, misleading or somewhere in between.

Are the European Commission’s
statements fully justified?

This Searchmetrics whitepaper looks at Google Shopping and its prominence on the search results pages, and compares and contrasts its development with the fortunes of other comparison shopping services. Metrics analyzed include organic SEO Visibility, ranking position spreads and Mobile Visibility.

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