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For several years, Searchmetrics has been analyzing developments in the world of Universal Search. Now, for the first time, Searchmetrics is releasing studies into the prevalence of Universal Search in five specific industries: eCommerce, finance, health, media and travel.

Universal Search is not only becoming increasingly widespread, but increasingly diverse, with hundreds of different kinds of integrations having joined images, videos maps and news. And the integrations displayed vary hugely according to the needs of the user, their location and their search intent.

With the growing diversity, and seemingly endless challenges and opportunities, it is harder than ever for SEOs and content marketers to know where to begin when looking to optimize their websites. These Searchmetrics studies are a good start.

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Universal Search in Your Industry

Using general data from Google search results can provide insight into online trends and the way search is changing. However, a big part of SEO is setting priorities and targeting resources, which is why industry-specific knowledge of where best to optimize is invaluable when looking to increase organic traffic and conversions:

In these Searchmetrics whitepapers, you will learn:

  • Which Universal Search integrations are most important in your industry,
  • How the mobile and desktop search results differ from one another,
  • Where websites in your industry should focus their Universal Search optimization efforts.


Data, trends and insights can be found in the whitepapers:
“Universal Search for Industries”.

Download your free whitepapers here:

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