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SMX Advanced by Search Engine Land – Online

Time to up your game? This exclusive event is designed for experienced search marketers, offering advanced tactics and advice to take your SEO and PPC to the next level.
Date: 15 Jun 2021 20:00 UTC 15 Jun 2021 20:30 UTC
Venue: SMX Advanced Search Marketing Expo – Online

Shortcuts to Advanced Keyword Research: How to use verticals for scalable research

Starting keyword research from scratch is not always necessary. In this session, learn how to optimize one vertical, use page types to focus your work, and quickly analyze internal links so that your keyword research processes become efficient and scalable. Don’t miss this!

Key Learnings

  • Determine the correct page type for each keyword in a vertical at scale.
  • Uncover facets that need to be added, removed, or renamed.
  • Establish which pages have too many or too few internal links based on search volume.

Who is it for?

Experienced SEOs and Specialist Digital Marketers seeking to further advance their search marketing skills.

Get the slides and discover how to effectively:

  • Present scalable and repeatable SEO process for eCommerce websites
  • Recommend data to collect before analysis
  • Point out common results for each step

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Our Speakers

Karl Kleinschmidt
Karl Kleinschmidt
Karl Kleinschmidt is a Senior SEO Manager working in the Services Team at Searchmetrics. Karl has 11 years of SEO experience specializing in Schema, large-scale page generation and data analysis of ranking shifts, particularly within eCommerce.

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