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Core Web Vitals: Optimizing Your Website for Google's New Ranking Factors

Join Searchmetrics' expert panel as they unravel the mystery behind Core Web Vitals and share their advice on how to optimize your website for Google's new Page Experience Ranking Factors.

Are you one of the 96%?

We crawled over 2 million URLs for Core Web Vital scores in our recent study and discovered only 4% achieved good scores.  But our experts are at hand to unravel the mystery behind Google’s Page Experience Ranking Factors and help you prepare a strategy for CWV success.

Join Marcus Tober, Searchmetrics’ Founder and Chief Evangelist, Jordan Koene, SEO Strategist and Advisor to Searchmetrics, and Kathy Brown, Senior SEO Manager to discuss the impact of Google’s Page Experience Ranking Factors update.

The focus of this session:

  • Get insights and guidance to help you navigate Google’s new Ranking Factors
  • Understand the impact Core Web Vitals can have on website visibility
  • Ask our experts your pressing Core Web Vitals questions

Our expert panel will provide actionable advice on how to optimize your website for Core Web Vitals and highlight the importance of considering the new Ranking Factors in website audits for the foreseeable future!

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Join our session as our specialists discuss:

  • Why Google Core Web Vitals are so important
  • How these Ranking Factors could influence your website visibility  
  • The Do’s and Don’ts – how to sustainably optimize your website for Core Web Vitals and provide the best user experience 

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Our Session Experts

Marcus Tober
Marcus Tober
Marcus is one of the pioneers who established SEO as a marketing discipline and the founder of Searchmetrics back in 2005. In his position now as Chief Evangelist, he is responsible for highlighting the ever-increasing importance of SEO and providing guidance how the discipline should develop in the future, both internally and externally. He has a cross-departmental strategic role: he advises on developments and trends in SEO and supports the product team in driving innovation in the Searchmetrics Suite. A self-proclaimed data and statistics geek, he is a frequent speaker at conferences and is often asked to comment on the latest trends in the industry.
Jordan Koene
Jordan Koene
Jordan Koene is an Advisor to Searchmetrics, supporting the thought leadership and innovation of the organization. Prior to his role as Advisor, Jordan was CEO of Searchmetrics Inc., and led the growth of the company which provides enterprises and agencies with solutions to search engine optimization (SEO). Previously Jordan was the Head of SEO and Content Development at eBay. During his time at eBay, Jordan focused on utilizing eBay assets to improve user experience and natural search traffic. In this role, he led the development of content and technical improvements for the organization.
Kathy Brown
Kathy Brown
Kathy has over a decade of experience in Technical SEO, working with Large Enterprises, Growing B2Bs, and Global eCommerce brands to improve their online visibility. At Searchmetrics Kathy partners with our largest clients, working directly with Sr. Marketing and Product Managers to grow their revenue by increasing organic traffic.