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Conversion Optimization – Tips & Tactics For More Website Success

Find out in our webinar how to optimize your website the right way, how to find the right words to convince more people and much more!

Watch the recording of the webinar now:

As our experts couldn’t answer the questions from the webinar due to the limited time, we recorded an additional video.
In this video they answer all of the questions from the audience:

In this webinar, Conversion Specialist Nils Kattau will show you easy-to-adapt optimization tactics from more than 15 years of working with the world’s leading brands – such as Airbnb, ebay, Paypal, Amazon Audible, Facebook, and many more. Everything tested and proven. No bullshit.

Tune in, if you want to know:

  • How to optimize your website the right way.
  • How to take control of where people look.
  • How to find the right words to convince more people.
  • What’s important within the first seconds after a visit.
  • How to create strong value propositions – 100% customer-driven.
  • How to write irresistible calls-to-action.
  • How to set up your first A/B-test.
  • And much more.
 Date: November 27, 2019
 Speaker: Nils Kattau, Malte Landwehr

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