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App Indexing Study 2016

In this study, Searchmetrics takes a look at the at the gap between apps and app indexing for the top 100 domains—and provides you a step-by-step guide to indexing your own apps.

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Ever since being announced back in 2013, app indexing has promised to blur the lines between the Internet and apps (a walled off ecosystem). Now, that promise has been delivered on with app results appearing directly next to traditional links on a SERP through deep-linking.

Searchmetrics Study: App Indexing - Deeplinking

How app indexing allows you to be where the competition isn’t.

In this study, we found that while one industry is making significant use of app indexing, more than two-thirds of top ranking websites with an app are not using app indexing. This means it’s highly likely that your competitors’ apps don’t appear in search engine results. If you have an app for iOS or Android, now is the time for you to jump in and gain exclusive positioning.

Searchmetrics Study: App Indexing - Mobile

What are the benefits of app indexing?

In addition to gaining an edge over your competition, app indexing provides the following advantages:

  • Increased customer loyalty with higher click through rates (CTR)
  • More installations of your iOS or Android app
  • Better visibility in search rankings
  • Greater amounts of traffic driven to your front door (which leads to higher conversions)

I’m convinced, how do I start indexing my apps?

In the Searchmetrics App Indexing study, not only do we provide a breakdown analysis of the top 100 domains, we also provide a step-by-step guide to app indexing. You’ll find a tutorial with simple instructions on everything from adding deep link support to your apps to testing the functionality to ensure everything works correctly. Just download the study to get started.

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