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UK eCommerce Market Analysis 2021

Uncovering which UK brands across seven key eCommerce sectors are winning in the rankings on and have the biggest market share in 2021.

UK eCommerce Market Analysis 2021

The second of its kind, our new study specifically analyses UK online retail performance, offering unique insights for online marketers and SEOs into which brands are getting the best rankings on

It also explores user intent and how this differs from sector to sector, reviewing what’s more important to potential customers – access to information or ease of purchase. These details can be used to influence how websites should be structured to deliver the most suitable content to maximise traffic and potential customers.

The Study

This UK eCommerce Market Analysis 2021 reviews that sites that dominate search results assessing data to reveal the following:

  • How search intent differs from sector to sector
  • The value to potential customers of information versus ease of purchase
  • The optimum website structure to deliver the right content to the right customers
  • Which brands most frequently pay for Google rankings in the form of advertisements.

Download the UK eCommerce Market Analysis 2021

  • Explore which online retailers in the UK dominate their sectors in 2021
  • Review insights around user intent to influence your content and UX planning
  • Read our top five tips for greater eCommerce success

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