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Custom Ranking Factors For Your Market

Tailored Reports and Expertise

Your Keywords – Your Market – Your Insights

What You Get From Us

  1. Google Lighthouse data for the top domains ranking for your specific keyword set
  2. Searchmetrics ranking data for your market, combined with the Google Lighthouse data
  3. Actionable insights from our experts. We interpret the data for you.

Everything comes in a comprehensive PDF report together with the raw data as CSV and Excel files, perfect for sharing with colleagues and managers.

What We Need From You

  • A list of 500 – 1000 keywords you use to define your market segment
  • The Google country index (US, UK, Germany etc.)
  • $ 3,995 per country index for the full analysis, data and recommendations from our experts


The Process
Everything At A Glance

Searchmetrics Lighthouse Ranking Factors Overview EN

Custom Insights with Lighthouse Ranking Factors
For Your Keyword Set

100% tailored to your needs

Let’s face it: The Google search results are your online “shop window” for potential customers. The higher you rank, the more visible you are. If you’re struggling to decode your specific ranking factors, we’re here to help. Answer questions like:

How is my online market shaped and what are the forces shaping it? What are my competitors doing better and what can I do to outperform them?

Your Custom Analysis
For Your Market Segment

Comparison of your domain and direct competitors

Searchmetrics Ranking Factors can provide you with the answers to all of these questions. Tailored to your specific needs!

You know your market best and we help you meet the demands of your hyper-competitive niche. With Searchmetrics ranking data, we can reveal who your most important online competitors are, expose the gaps in your performance and show you what you need to do to improve your visibility.

Our Expertise
For Your Actionable Insights

Our experts turn the data into a next-gen checklist

We help marketers leverage data to prioritize their tasks and invest resources in improvements that matter for their audience.

As well as collecting real-time Google Lighthouse data, we provide you with the expert analysis to help you interpret your domain-specific data most effectively. Our reports give you guidance and show you the concrete steps so you can take immediate action, drive results and communicate success!