Online Workshop:
3Q Digital and Searchmetrics Present:
2018 SEO Predictions

If there is one takeaway that we can draw from 2017, it’s that the customer journey, and the understanding of that journey, are the keys to a marketers success. Last year, marketers saw a rise in voice search, the need for speed, and great expectations as the SERP continued to evolve; growing vast and ever wide as search landscape mobilized. Join us for a lively discussion as we recap the trends of 2017 and discuss how we can use those key learnings to predict the future of SEO for 2018 and beyond.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018
11:00am PST | 2:00pm EST

Join the workshop so that you understand:

  • Where we’ve been and when to go mobile (hint yesterday)
  • Where we are and why you need AMP now!
  • Where we are going and what’s up with Voice Search?

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Featured Speakers:
Brian Ta, SEO and Project Manager, Airbnb
Leslie To, VP of SEO, 3Q Digital
Jordan Koene, Chief Evangelist, Searchmetrics

Brian Ta
SEO Project Manager, Airbnb
Brian is currently an SEO Project Manager at Airbnb where he is working on a plethora of high impact SEO projects including AMP, A/B testing, and Snapchatting videos of dogs in the office. He’s previously held SEO positions at and BusinessOnline. During his spare time, this UC San Diego alumnus tells unfunny dad jokes, ignores his own fashion instincts (for good reason), tinkers with tech gadgets (for no reason), and plays far more video games than any one human should.

Leslie To
VP of SEO, 3Q Digital
Leslie, a UC Berkeley alumna (#gobears), loves digging into SEO & Analytics almost as much as she lover her cat and reading. Jokes and sarcasm aside, Leslie started at iSearch Media (later acquired by 3Q Digital) in May 2011 and became a channel leader thanks to her acumen in analytics, technical know-how, and voracious research. Leslie is a regular on the the SEO speaking circuit; she’s starred on panels at presentations at SMX Advanced, SMX East, SMX West, Engage, and the SEMpdx monthly series.
Jordan Koene
Chief Evangelist, VP of Services Searchmetrics
As Searchmetrics evangelist, Jordan works with enterprise businesses, helping them understand and plan how to maximize the value of search in their marketing mix with the help of Searchmetrics technology. Heading the professional services team, he acts as the interface between clients and the engineering team to help ensure the company’s product strategy and delivery reflect client needs.