Searchmetrics Expands Global SEO Analytics to 162 Search Engines in 70 Countries

Global Search and Social Analytics Leader Adds Eleven New Countries For More Analysis than any Other Toolset on the Market

New York, NY – June 21, 2012: Searchmetrics, the global leader in search and social analytics software, has extended the coverage of its SEO analytics tracking to 162 Search Engines in 70 countries, more than double the numbers of a year ago. Searchmetrics added coverage of fourteen search engines in eleven new countries in response to customer demand, providing more global reach than any other toolset on the market.

The eleven countries Searchmetrics adds to its tracking are: Singapore, New Zealand, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Luxembourg and Azerbaijan. Google Search is tracked in all countries and Bing in Singapore, New Zealand and Chile.

“Our goal is to provide the best solution to analyze search performance across the broadest set of markets, engines and languages,” said Marcus Tober, CTO of Searchmetrics. “Our recent comprehensive survey of Google in five different countries across 10,000 keywords revealed that there are subtle and not-so-subtle differences country-to-country, so it’s critical to analyze each market.”

Searchmetrics’ analytics covers 162 search engines in 70 countries. See the full list here.

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