iTrust becomes first Greek agency to join the Searchmetrics partner program

Berlin, November 23, 2017 – Searchmetrics announced its partnership with iTrust as the first partner from Greece. The performance marketing agency’s primary service is search engine optimization, and staying ahead of their competition is one of their top goals. As they see that both aims are well served by using Searchmetrics, the decision to become a partner is a step iTrust has been looking forward to for some time. Furthermore, the agency can now benefit from the various, exclusive additional advantages, like:

  • Improved customer satisfaction through the best possible qualification and certification under exclusive conditions in the Searchmetrics Academy
  • Exchanging best practices among experts within the partner network
  • Expanding existing customer relationships and acquiring new customers through joint marketing activities


Founded in 2007, iTrust has made a name for itself by increasing search visibility for its clients in more than 10 countries. iTrust manages to identify visibility opportunities, rectify issues and implement solid actions that cumulatively result in visibility increases for its clients through diligent, data-driven SEO strategies.

Andreas Spyridis, iTrust

“Searchmetrics has made it easier for us to realize our clients’ digital goals. In fact, one of our clients had such an increase in demand for its services within nine months that they had to hire new staff and expand their offices to better serve their clients.”

Andreas Spyridis, Managing Director, iTrust

When iTrust was deciding which platform to invest in for supporting their SEO efforts, Searchmetrics stood out for two reasons. First, the platform delivers precise and accurate data for websites in languages like Greek. Secondly, they find that the software offers actionable insights for every optimization process possible, whether it is a technical issue that restricts website indexation or a content optimization item that could offer additional visibility to a website. “There really isn’t much Searchmetrics can’t offer a solution to, when it comes to search and content. Even when working with the difficult Greek idioms, the insights and data accuracy are outstanding,” Andreas Spyridis continues.

The agency has already seen a great impact in its business success. Since becoming a Searchmetrics partner, they have noted a 21% increase in their SEO clients – in less than 6 months. This expansion has also translated to growth of their SEO department, to keep up with the new clients and the company’s expansion.

For iTrust, Searchmetrics is particularly useful when it comes to client pitching. With the help of more in-depth knowledge of strategic customer support in the project area of the software, and pitching skills to make better use of Searchmetrics, they are now able to provide insightful data, both for their clients themselves and for their competitors. The agency has significantly improved its approach. Moreover, they have accumulated deep knowledge of on-site optimization; both at a technical and content-related level.

Andreas Spyridis, iTrust

“With Searchmetrics, we can standardize optimization workflows, indicate and proactively avoid potential pain problems and work on maximizing our clients’ visibility exposure; all from a single platform.”

Andreas Spyridis, Managing Director, iTrust

Dagny Koch, Searchmetrics

“We are proud to have iTrust as our first Greek partner on board in our program. This shows once more that our wide range of exceptional partner services is really helpful for our partners round the world and helps them to overtake their competitors and win new business.”

Dagny Koch, VP Partner Development, Searchmetrics