Kroll Ontrack Selects Searchmetrics to Connect Businesses and Consumers with First Aid for Data Loss

Leading Provider of Data Recovery Services Seeing Global Search Gains Using Searchmetrics’ SEO Solution to Optimize Visibility.

New York and Berlin, January 11, 2011: When businesses and consumers suddenly find themselves in the painful position of having lost data from their computer storage systems, data recovery leader Kroll Ontrack now can be located more quickly in online searches, thanks to a new relationship with Searchmetrics, the world experts in search analytics software. Using Searchmetrics’ SEO/SEM solutions, Kroll Ontrack already is seeing big gains by raising the company’s highest priority keywords into the top 10 positions on leading search engines when people search for data loss or recovery solutions.

Kroll Ontrack is the leading provider of information management, legal technologies, and data recovery products and services. The company came to Searchmetrics to enhance its outreach to businesses as well as consumers, who often face dire predicaments regarding the loss of critical data when there is a computer storage failure.  Many organizations now are storing data in a virtual environment, making recovery more complex. Finding the right solution quickly via online searches can make a huge difference in how a company or individual is able to rebound from such a setback.

“Early indications show that Kroll Ontrack is seeing major improvement in the positioning of its top 10 keywords, since incorporating the Searchmetrics SEO solution,” says Dr. Horst Joepen, CEO, Searchmetrics.  “At least one or two of its top 10 keywords are in the number one position.” The Searchmetrics Suite is helping improve the worldwide SEO/SEM capabilities for Kroll Ontrack, which relies on its internet presence for companies to locate them when minutes count. Kroll Ontrack has a variety of regional websites in different countries using different technologies. Kroll Ontrack needed a means by which to gain control of this diversity and develop a more unified strategy first for Europe and then other countries in which it provides services using country-specific search phrases and keywords. Kroll Ontrack also needed better insight into its overall online marketing performance, which varies from country to country.

“Searchmetrics’ tools are providing us with the capability to set up monitoring for all required countries and a set of domains for each region, including those for the Kroll Ontrack brand,” says Stefan Schnettler, global marketing director, Kroll Ontrack. “We then can do a deep dive on the most popular search terms. With these more sophisticated methods, we are able to make more strategic decisions about our online marketing.” Searchmetrics is providing support to Kroll Ontrack by identifying the top 10 keywords for data recovery service, based on search volume. The input is then used to optimize the web sites and their content to improve and better manage performance on an ongoing basis through automated reports.

Specifically, Kroll Ontrack is using the Searchmetrics Suite to help the company monitor its market presence and identify new relevant regional keywords used in searches.  Additionally, Searchmetrics’ solution is enabling Kroll Ontrack to conduct a more general independent performance measure of websites, such as ranking on technology, web code and other tips to optimize web pages.

Searchmetrics is expected to play an important role in helping to monitor and manage the migration of its international websites to a new web architecture in the next year, notes Kroll Ontrack’s Schnettler.

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