Digital Agency Redweb Signs Up To Online Search Analytics Service From Searchmetrics

Integrates Google Analytics with Search Analytics to support SEO campaign planning and measurement

London – 28 November, 2011: Full service digital agency Redweb has signed up to use the Searchmetrics online search analytics service to inform its organic search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies and demonstrate return on investment (ROI) to clients.

Sandy Lee, Search Strategist at Redweb, which won the Most Innovative Digital Agency 2011 award in the Econsultancy Innovation Awards, feels that data is at the heart of its SEO work: “Everything in SEO is data driven. We need good solid data to allow us to plan and drive decisions, as well to measure and demonstrate what we’re achieving for clients – it also helps SEO professionals to get away from the ‘snake oil salesman’ perception that still lingers.” One of the agency’s key reasons for choosing Searchmetrics was its ability to integrate external data such as third party web site analytics as Lee explains: “Searchmetrics lets us easily marry up keyword position data with our clients’ Google analytics traffic data – across a large number of keywords – to help us spot opportunities and see how our search campaigns are translating into traffic. We can view Searchmetrics data and external feeds such as site analytics on a single dashboard.”

Searchmetrics is an on-line subscription service that automates many aspects of SEO analysis, monitoring and reporting for agencies and in-house search marketers. It provides search performance data and analysis relating to multiple domains. As well as retaining a cumulative history of how a brand’s web sites rank for its chosen keywords over time, it includes features for analysing back-links, technical site structure (including tracking elements such as site speed that affect SEO performance), keywords and on-page keyword density. “The automation that Searchmetrics provides is great, because it means we minimise the time we spend gathering and reporting data, freeing us up for thinking and implementing,” added Lee.


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