Searchmetrics Massive Research Cloud Enables Game-Changing Ability To Analyze and Optimize Content On Demand, At The Page Level

Searchmetrics Suite Is The First And Only Search and Content Optimization Platform to Focus On Holistic Content

San Mateo – July 15, 2015__Searchmetrics, the search and content optimization leader, has today introduced a new concept in data-driven online content marketing: with the help of the company’s massive Research Cloud database of constantly updated search and social data, online marketers can now analyze and optimize on-demand how the content on individual web pages performs in search and social media. Through its key page level insights, marketers can immediately identify and focus on improving the content of those pages that have the potential to deliver the highest return in terms of increased traffic ‒ and ultimately conversions and revenue.

The Research Cloud is the largest, most comprehensive online marketing research database of its kind, incorporating over 250 billion constantly updated global data objects, covering areas such as content, organic search, social, pay per click, links, mobile and local data. It includes historical data going back seven years and has the largest global reach of any search and content marketing platform, crawling the Web regularly in more than 134 countries.

The data collated in the Research Cloud powers a game-changing brand new development from Searchmetrics, a strategic marketing intelligence tool known as Content Performance, which is available for Suite Business, Enterprise and Ultimate customers.  For the first time ever, marketers can immediately see how the content of any landing page on virtually any website that appears in Google searches* in the US, UK, Germany and France is performing in search and social media, while revealing similar insights about every page’s immediate competitors’ pages.  They can instantly see the estimated organic search traffic generated by any page, the keywords and topics driving that traffic, together with a forecast for the potential traffic increase if the page content is optimized to rank higher. Content Performance will be rolled out for all countries available in Research Cloud before the end of Q3.

“Typically, if you have a large website with thousands of pages, you currently rely on your web analytics to tell you the traffic and conversions coming from individual URLs – but this won’t tell you how many search terms individual pages rank for, nor the real potential of those pages in terms of search performance,” explained Marcus Tober, CTO and founder of Searchmetrics. “Web analytics can’t tell you the high potential pages where you need to focus your attention.  It can’t forecast the increase in search traffic – or the value of that traffic ‒ if you spend time and resources optimizing the content on a page.  It won’t reveal the content and search strategies direct competitors to your pages are using.  And it can’t tell you, for instance, that there’s a page on your site that currently ranks on page two of Google’s search results that can be optimized to give you a huge traffic boost – nor can it predict the volume and value of that traffic boost.  This is the kind of information we put at your fingertips through Content Performance. The time of the old methods keyword-centric analysis and optimization is over. Now, we can provide you with detailed page-based performance data with just a click ‒ no one else can do this.”

Once Content Performance has helped marketers identify the page content with the biggest potential to generate ROI, they can identify related search terms, discover holistic topics and move directly to the Content Optimization tool within the Searchmetrics Suite which gives them insights and recommendations on ways to improve that content to perform better in searches. Once again this content advice comes courtesy of the store of updated data in the Research Cloud which allows Searchmetrics to pin-point the important factors based on big data and machine learning processes – such as topics, headlines, word counts – that are helping similar pages on competitive sites to perform well in searches.

“It’s important to remember that because search engines have evolved to the point that they are now much better able to identify and reward the most relevant and useful content with higher rankings, then by optimizing your content for search you are ensuring it performs well across all channels, from websites to social networks,” adds Tober. “And our Research Cloud through the revolutionary Content Performance gives you the power to find the high potential pages where improving your content can make a real different to your business.”

*Searchmetrics currently presents data and insights for approximately 130 million different websites in its database.

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