Searchmetrics Connect – API Integration Program

Searchmetrics’ API Integration Program enables Marketers to join Analytics Tools with Searchmetrics’ High-Quality SEO Data for more complete analysis

London, February 21, 2011: As the need for businesses to sharpen their analytics tools increases with the explosive growth of digital marketing, Searchmetrics, the world leader in search analytics software, introduced today Searchmetrics Connect™, an integration program for digital marketing tool vendors, Web agencies and third-party Web developers. The new program – based on API capabilities valued by customers of the flagship Searchmetrics Suite which has been used to date to connect to some of the market’s leading Web analytics tools, such as Omniture and Google Analytics – is aimed at providing more integrated solutions for these critical audiences.

The Searchmetrics Connect™ program includes API access to facilitate interoperability, plus technical support and documentation. It has been developed to provide more comprehensive digital marketing campaign measurement, insights and metrics to its customers, as well as to other market vendors and web developers. Online marketing agencies also will be able to integrate with Searchmetrics to enrich their own applications and to differentiate their offerings.

“Successful online marketing today is a well-balanced mix of different channels, including SEO, SEM, web design and usability, and conversion optimization, to name a few,” says Dr. Horst Joepen, CEO, Searchmetrics. “Searchmetrics’ solution is one of the market’s most complete SEO tools, which are a ‘must-have’ in an online marketer’s arsenal today. As all these tools are used to optimize one’s website, they should share a certain set of SEO information, such as visibility indices, competitor keyword sets and rankings or backlink statistics. To stay ahead of the competition, smart integrated solutions are the key.”

Searchmetrics Connect enables both clients as well as partners to connect to the Searchmetrics Suite and access relevant and unique SEO data. It also will enable select partners to provide information to the Suite, establishing an automatic exchange between leading online marketing tools. Through Searchmetrics Connect, customers will be able to access their own data and can develop their own applications to integrate with the Searchmetrics Suite.

“The search analytics market is largely still in its infancy, and, as a result, is quite fragmented today, with many different vendors and tools,” adds Joepen. “As one of the industry’s search analytics pioneers, from day one we have taken an integrated approach with our Searchmetrics solution to provide organizations with a robust toolset to more thoroughly understand their competitive standings.”
Joepen notes that the company also believes that the entire Web analytics market will benefit by offering the Searchmetrics Connect program, providing access to Searchmetrics’ quality of data. A key goal is to drive market integration to the next level of interoperability and partnership, giving businesses broader Web analytics functionality and access to the solid data they require to better understand and grow their organizations.

Searchmetrics Connect is available now to Searchmetrics partners and customers. Contact Searchmetrics to request a demo or to join the Searchmetrics Connect™ program.

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