Webinar: ‘Tis the season to rank (and sell)?
– How to develop and leverage the right content at the right time


Did you know that most people search for “running shoes” in March, “costume ideas” in October, and for everything related to booking a vacation in December?
It’s safe to say that as the seasons change, so do the topics that the online-audience is interested in.
Does your digital marketing strategy benefit from the volatility of demand or are you running behind?
Join Marlon Glover and guest speaker Chris Giarratana, Founder of StrategyBeam for strategic help and actionable insights on how to develop your seasonal search and content plan.

In this live event you will learn:

  • What is seasonal SEO & why it matters
  • How to identify seasonal opportunities for your business
  • How to research, plan, create and optimize for seasonal marketing
  • How to use seasonality to generate sales

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Our speakers:


Marlon Glover

Chris Giarratana, Founder of StrategyBeam

Chris Giarratana is the owner of StrategyBeam, a Digital Media Strategy company in Orlando, FL. He loves working with startups and business owners to help them make more money through content strategy, freelance copywriting, SEO marketing, and PPC management.

Marlon Glover, Content Services Team Lead at Searchmetrics

With over a decade of experience in a career spanning the science and psychology of buying decisions, Marlon has lead global awareness, lead gen, and nurturing strategies for a number of F500 organizations. As the Content Services Team Lead, Marlon works with our customers to identify new content opportunities, optimize existing content, and map search queries to their customers’ buying journeys.