Agency Partner Program

Our Agency Program delivers new clients, increases revenue for agencies, and provides access to a large community of marketers.

Benefits for Agencies of all Sizes

Training & Sales Support

Receive sales training, software support training from our experts – our team becomes your team and is there to help you sell, retain and grow your client-base.

10th Sale Commission
Financial Rewards

Our carefully designed program means that you can earn revenue with this program that ensures fair pricing across the board.

Pitch Assistance

Call on our team of seasoned experts to make your presentations stand out from the competition with in-depth market research, competitive research, and unique client insights.

Hands-On Operational Support

From custom-built client projects to integration support and bulk data exports, we can guarantee that you and your clients get the most from the Searchmetrics Suite.

HR Department Searchmetrics
Joint Marketing & Recognition

Increase awareness and your position as a thought leader with your partner badge to use on your website and brochures, plus the chance to work closely with the Searchmetrics marketing team on joint content and marketing initiatives.


How do I become an agency partner?

Simply give us a call or fill in the form at the end of this page and we can provide more details about the program and review your eligibility.


How much does it cost to become a partner?

To become an Agency Partner there is a minimal financial commitment with added benefits. Get in touch to find out more. 

Can we get free Searchmetrics Certification (previously called ‘Belt Certification’) for our team as part of the program?

Yes, it is possible to be Searchmetrics Certified with the partnership. We also provide advanced training to our agency partners depending on the program.

In fact, even without being a partner you can start your training now – visit the Searchmetrics Academy for free courses.

Our business is a member of an older program, where can I find information about that?

Partners who have achieved status under the previous program (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Global) are offered the option to upgrade to the new program but are not obliged to do so.

We will continue to recognize your existing status under the terms of the previous program. However, we no longer provide details of the previous program on our website. Our brochure and website show the current partner program on offer.

We recommend you get in touch with your partner manager today to discover the benefits of this new program – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed when you see what we’ve created.

Should we apply to become a partner even though no one at our agency has used Searchmetrics before?

Yes. Get in touch to discuss your current ambitions and interests – we’d be pleased to show you the power of the Searchmetrics Suite and run through training options on offer.

Talk to a Partner Manager

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  • Details on how the program works
  • Hear about other partners working with us
  • Find out how to apply, how to qualify and more.

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