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With the March 2016 release, Searchmetrics has made expanding and protecting SEO Visibility easier with innovative new monitoring, discovery and ranking capabilities. Features like Mobile App Ranking and Competitive Keyword Discovery help marketers grasp the impact of app indexing while opening up keyword research to keywords targeted by competitors, as Visibility Guard preemptively warns of site changes that have the potential to crash hard won SEO Visibility.

Mobile App Ranking: Reliably track your app’s visibility

Mobile search is on the rise, and with it app integrations in search results. Searchmetrics App Rankings provides organic and paid search rankings and volumes for iOS and Android mobile applications within the Google App Pack allowing marketers to compare app performance
against benchmarks and competitors.


Key benefits:

  • Track search performance of iOS and Android mobile apps within the App Pack
  • Explore organic and paid search rankings and volumes
  • Compare app performance against competitors and benchmarks
  • See winners and losers as the market changes
  • Understand how the location of the App Pack on the SERP influences app visibility

Searchmetrics is currently the only solution able to capture app rankings in organic and paid search. This solution can truly give you the edge over your competitors. Find out more about how this innovative solution can benefit your online business below.

*Mobile App Rankings is available to Suite Enterprise or Ultimate users with a 2014, 2015 or 2016 license.

Competitive Keyword Discovery: Keyword insights your competition wish they had

Uncover what topics and keywords you own, what your competitors claim, and which keywords and topics you share in common. Uncovering these facts on-demand, based on reliable data is very complex and time consuming. Searchmetrics Competitive Keyword Discovery is the world’s only solution that can automatically identify your competitor’s unique keywords on a page- level.

Key benefits:

  • Compare yourself with any competitor and receive insights in real-time – without setting up a project.
  • Save valuable time analyzing and comparing pages as well as domains.
  • Identify your competitor’s unique keywords that they rank for, but you don’t.
  • Find opportunities to dominate the competition through your unique keywords and topics.
  • Unveil competitor’s content/topic strategies and find new business niches and competitive opportunities.


Our data is based on the Research Cloud – the industry’s largest and most comprehensive, ever expanding, content data and knowledge repository that contains over 250 billion data elements.

*Competitive Keyword Discovery is available to Suite Enterprise or Ultimate users with a 2014, 2015 or 2016 license. Access rights and usability differ depending on license type. Please refer to product page for exact details.

Visibility Guard: The First & Only Solution to both Detect Visibility Threats & Prevent Revenue Loss

Find the errors before you lose visibility.

After very successful beta testing we are now pleased to announce that Visibility Guard is the latest feature to graduate from beta to full release.


With Visibility Guard you can:

  • Identify the most important & valuable pages automatically
  • Monitor valuable pages daily without wasting resources
  • Find critical on-page errors that can potentially harm visibility
  • Notify all relevant users and teams of errors instantly via email or IM
  • Save time by identifying the source of the problem, enabling quick fixes.
  • Take action proactively – fix critical errors before revenue is lost


New and improved features since beta: Hipchat & Slack integration, preferred alert notification selection, monitored page selection by threshold or uploaded list, improved filter functions and many more.

Please take a quick look at our product page for a comprehensive overview of the improvements we have made to the beta version.

*Visibility Guard is available to Suite Enterprise or Ultimate users with a 2014, 2015 or 2016 and is billed Site Structure Optimization Page Credits.

Extended Search: Enhanced integration for greater understanding

Extended Search integration expands the view on your keyword specific ranking integrations for the following:

  • Twitter Card (new) – Twitter cards can appear anywhere in Google results to show the two most recent tweets, also moving the page location of other organic results. This can explain a traffic loss or gain.
  • Google Carousel – Carousel will show the pictures at the top and take significant portion of traffic. Recommended Strategy: figure out how to get your results into Carousel and don’t try to optimize.
  • Mobile App (new) – Google’s App Pack draws attention and can appear anywhere within the results page. Learn if there is one knocking your visibility down while providing an opportunity to be seen if you rank high in the pack.
  • Direct Answer (new) – If you write the best answer you can win the top spot on a SERP.
  • Knowledge Graph – Paid ads on the right hand side of a SERP have been replaced by special integrations, such as Knowledge Graph – a collection of information related to the keyword query – pointing searchers towards social profiles, websites, and general information.


*Extended Search is available to all Searchmetrics Suite licenses.


Research Cloud Updates: Please welcome Belgium and Switzerland (mobile)

The heart and soul of the Searchmetrics Suite is our Research Cloud, an ever expanding, on-demand data and knowledge repository that contains over 250 billion data elements that are continuously updated like keywords, search topics, social and PPC data – reaching back to 2009. We have now added Belgium to our research countries bringing out total up to 27. We have also added Switzerland to mobile.

  • Update 1 – New Research Country: Belgium (now up to 27 countries in total)
  • Update 2 – Added mobile visibility for Switzerland

If you have read this far then you can see that constant improvement is our driving philosophy. We always have our users in mind when developing features and many of our feature improvements would not have been possible without their valuable input. Customers can learn more about these features in the Help Center. If you have any questions about the Searchmetrics Suite please get in touch with your Client Success Manager today.