With a Sustainable SEO Strategy, the Sky’s the Limit.

At Searchmetrics, we combine world-class client success, training, and professional SEO services to help you meet and exceed your marketing and revenue objectives. Your success drives every decision we make.

We know that the first few months of using any product are the most critical for your success. We commit to making sure you are up and running quickly. Right from the start, you’ll be working with a dedicated client success manager who acts as a trusted advisor to make sure you get the most out of the Searchmetrics Suite. And, for those times when you need additional help, our Professional Services team of experts are here to help.


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Client Success
Client Success

Our client success team members—from top digital agencies and enterprise SEO platform vendors—act as your trusted advisors.

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Professional Services
Digital Strategies Group

When you need a little extra help with your SEO strategy, or big help rebounding from a penalty, Searchmetrics Professional Services is the team to call.

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Academy Training
Academy Certification

We want you to become experts on our platform. That’s why we developed the Searchmetrics Academy.

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We’re Successful
When You’re Successful

Client Success Searchmetrics

Our client success team members have a deep understanding of SEO and our platform. They work to understand your marketing goals and what prompted you to buy the Searchmetrics Suite. The team can help you select SEO data aligned with your goals, prioritize recommendations and optimize Suite workflow. Even if you’re an SEO expert, we can help you fine-tune performance and leverage the full value of Searchmetrics Suite data. Also, via your client success manager, you can take part in the direction of future Searchmetrics releases by providing product feedback and making feature recommendations.

For self-help, you have the Searchmetrics Help center, which contains articles and videos that guide you in Searchmetrics best practices. We also feature informative webinars and private community forums for Suite license holders.


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The Searchmetrics Academy
Training and Certification

The Searchmetrics Academy gets you up-and-running fast with top-flight SEO training designed by experts. We are running live training in different cities throughout the year. Courses are also available online for you to learn at your own pace. For more information on live and online training, please ask your Searchmetrics Client Success representative.

Yellow Belt certification covers the basic information you need to quickly get started using Searchmetrics Suite. Yellow Belt certification covers:

  • Fundamental concepts and basic terminology
  • Account Set Up
  • Account Administration

Green Belt certification takes you through the Searchmetrics Suite and introduces best practices to maximize your investment and set you on the road to success. Green Belt certification covers:

  • Deep exploration of the Searchmetrics Suite
  • Coverage of key topics such as content optimization, site structure optimization, and technical optimization
  • Best practices for forecasting, analysis, recommendations and reporting


Black Belt certification is for professionals with many years of experience in enterprise SEO organizations and large global agencies. It offers in-depth guidance for creating a sustainable SEO strategy based on Marcus Tober’s methodology. Black Belt certification covers:

  • In-depth guidance for developing a sustainable SEO strategy
  • Expert level training on content, search and optimization

“The training was comprehensive and fast-paced and the examination was genuinely challenging. I’d say Searchmetrics Adacemy improved my SEO analytics insight by at least 30 percent.”


“The intelligence of the software, the sheer breadth of possibilities and the depth of analysis only became clear after I took the yellow and green belt training. The certification proves that I now understand these things!”


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