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World’s Best Search and Content Database

The heart and soul of the Searchmetrics Suite is our Research Cloud, an ever expanding, on-demand data and knowledge repository that contains over 250 billion data elements that are continuously updated like keywords, search topics and PPC data—reaching back to 2009.

The Research Cloud resembles a powerful telescope constantly trained on the universe of online data. With unprecedented depth of detail, it visualizes and captures the potential, performance and relevance of every requested page at the touch of a button. And it informs the industry’s most comprehensive, accurate and trusted metric for measuring search performance, SEO Visibility. Every innovative feature available through the Searchmetrics Suite derives its power from the Research Cloud.

As search evolves, we leverage the Research Cloud to tell a deeper story about consumer intent. Because search data isn’t just for SEOs; it’s critical for strategists, marketers and content authors.

The World’s Largest, Most Relevant Data Set Is Now the Easiest to Use

Our engineers are perfectionists—always on the lookout for ways to make the Research Cloud not only more comprehensive but also easier to use. That’s why the Research Cloud is so user friendly that it delivers a search performance story right out of the box. Of course, the Research Cloud still regularly crawls thousands of terabytes of data. But now, the story it tells enables digital marketers to get to the heart of search and content performance right away. For themselves and their competitors.

The On-Demand Data Performance Story

The first page gives an overview of all the data that’s most important to closing the gap between marketing, search performance and revenue. We‘ve added a map that shows brands how strong their visibility is across markets.


Within rankings, we can take a deep dive into the keyword mix that makes up global visibility. This provides a great opportunity to see a brand’s keyword distribution and balance across SEO and PPC.

You can easily compare SEO and PPC keyword and domain rankings side by side for millions of domains on demand. Gaps in search performance literally jump of the page—no more guesswork. And we’re the only search and content performance platform that offers this capability.

The Research Cloud also provides ROI related keyword metrics that identify on a weekly basis which keywords drive the most traffic and which keywords underperform.

Research Cloud Organic Competitor Visibility

On The Go

The Research Cloud doesn’t skimp on mobile data. In fact, our mobile SEO Visibility is fast gaining the same kind of industry traction as our desktop metric. With Searchmetrics, you can compare mobile versus desktop visibility across millions of domains.

Content Performance

In addition, the Research Cloud informs our Content Performance analytics, which helps answer the two questions that all digital marketers should be asking:

  • Which of my URLs are really important to my business?
  • How can I improve their performance?

Research CLoud Competitor Insight

Countries that both Research Cloud and Content Performance are available for

Argentina Argentina Australia Australia Austria Austria Belgium Belgium Brazil Brazil
Canada Canada Research Cloud China China Colombia Denmark Denmark Finland Finland
France France Germany Germany Hong Kong Hong Kong India India Ireland
Italy Italy Japan Japan Mexico Mexico Netherlands Netherlands Norway Norway
Poland Poland Russian Federation Russian Federation Singapore Singapore Spain Spain Sweden Sweden
Switzerland Switzerland South Africa South Africa Turkey Turkey United Kingdom UK USA USA

Domingo Karsten, Managing Director, Saleduck

“I always dreamed of using a software like Searchmetrics Suite. When famous marketers are demonstrating changes in search visibilities they always use Searchmetrics to prove the example. And now Searchmetrics has even become better, the Research Cloud is now available in our home market Belgium too! We can now fully monitor changes happening now in the future and in the past for all our ten markets.”

Domingo Karsten, Managing Director, Saleduck

Benefits at a Glance

  • Leverage data stories – Instantly view the most meaningful, relevant and impactful data for your team and marketing strategy
  • Transition from keywords to topics – Assess traffic more accurately by centering your research around large keyword sets that support detail-rich, meaningful topics
  • Improve competitive analysis – Take a deep dive into competitors search and content strategies on demand, including traffic for over 120 million global domains—no set-up required
  • Unify workflow – Enhance project performance with unlimited research across SEO, PPC and mobile to prioritize and optimize within the Searchmetrics Suite
  • Globalize content strategy – Determine your content’s effectiveness on a country-specific basis by applying Searchmetrics’ content performance analytics.


But don’t take our word for it. Experience the power of the Research Cloud and Content Performance for yourself.

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