Find the gaps in your online search strategy.

Research Cloud provides an immediate SEO competitive analysis to help you identify and fill content gaps and set your online strategy.

Unlock the kinetics of a keyword and the power of a page.


Understand your markets and set a winning strategy.

Gain immediate global and national market insights for any domain. Audit search visibility along with ranking performance in real time and grow your organic traffic with the right market knowledge.


Research reveals your competitors' SEO strategies.

Instantly compare your website with competitors over time and uncover their search strategy. Analyze others’ SEO practices, upcoming trends and learn how to beat your competition.


Identify content that wins.

With Research Cloud, you can measure content performance at the page level and unveil valuable content gaps. Prioritize opportunities for growth and determine the characteristics of content that wins.


Leverage 360° insights into your markets.

Grasp the holistic picture with a detailed market overview. Scan the search landscape including SERP features, advanced keyword research, and competitive performance. Visualize historical and current market changes.

How to extract the most out of your research.

Crush Your Competitors

Unveil high performing search strategies from competitors along with your niche to make sure you stay ahead of the game.

Benchmark at Every Level

Analyze domains for a top-level view or make comparisons at the level you need: subdomain, directory or page level.

Analyze Mobile & Desktop Search

Find out which SERP features are relevant for mobile and desktop devices together with visibility and performance.

Perform Global Research

Learn how your online presence stacks up in 30 countries and tune your content to national audiences.

Build Up Your Paid Search

Develop your Google Ad strategy by monitoring paid visibility, keyword rankings, paid traffic, CPC and more.

Measure Content Performance

See the content quality of pages and identify which topics are most relevant including missing keywords, SEO value, and potential.

How to extract the most out of your research.

Organic Rankings

Organic Rankings

High-level views into your top-ranking keywords.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword research for basic and advanced analysis.

Backlink Analysis

Backlink Analysis

Optimize Off-Page Website Performance

URL Performance

URL Performance

Quickly find pages with potential to generate even more traffic.

We know that we can rely on the data quality of Searchmetrics.

Jacob Eeckhout, Managing Director, iValue


more pitches won since using Searchmetrics

How Searchmetrics Research Cloud helps enterprises leverage search data.

Product Managers

Compare the performance of your products to that of other categories, divisions, or direct competitors.

Marketing Teams

Research your share of market in any of the 30 countries in our extensive search database.


Identify and prioritize content opportunities with high-value potential with Quick Win filters.

​​​​​​​We have answers!

How many countries does the Research Cloud support?

The database used in Research Cloud tracks keywords for 38 countries.

How can I do SEO competitive research and analysis?

Research Cloud is backed by a 50+ Petabyte keyword database with years of historical data on your website and your competitors. Research Cloud is used for competitive analysis, including Visibility, Traffic Index, Unique/Shared Keywords, and competitive content. You can compare your business to one competitor in many categories or look at many competitors for one KPI.

How much does it cost to export Research Cloud data?

Export Credits are built into the Research Cloud license. Ten export credits are deducted per row exported. If you need to go above your monthly allotment additional credits can be purchased.

What's the difference between Research Cloud and Search Experience?

The difference is mostly in the context of the data and the ability to track performance. Research Cloud is based on a large, Searchmetrics-defined data set that contains over 1 Billion keywords and is updated monthly for 30 select countries. Research Cloud provides a current, broad view of your markets globally – whenever you need it.

Search Experience is based on a collection of keywords and crawling agents from over 130 countries selected by our customers to define the markets that they care about. Search Experience is our keyword tracking software module where data is updated and saved on a schedule defined by the customer.

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