All you need to grow your organic search traffic and ROI from SEO and content.


Gain meaningful results with unique data.

Whether it’s research, SEO performance tracking, or content development, you can increase your organic search performance and drive success when backed by the Searchmetrics Suite’s insightful data.


Unravel the complexities of search and content.

Reveal the search landscape with global, regional, and local competitive market analyses. Understand how your search and content strategy impacts your online presence – and shapes your business.


Identify and act on opportunities for growth.

We help you find gaps, uncover customer insights, and build winning strategies to attract your audience. With prioritized opportunities, you can focus on what’s important and accelerate your optimization process.


Learn how to outrank your competitors.

With cutting-edge competitive analysis, targeted recommendations, and custom reporting at your fingertips, you can leave your competition behind and ensure a first-class search and content strategy.

Custom solutions for your business.
Searchmetrics API.


Use our API to easily enrich your application with industry-leading Searchmetrics data and unlock the full potential of combined data.


Integrate Searchmetrics into your business intelligence solutions. Create meaningful reports and make better decisions.


Reveal custom analytics insights about your market, specific segments, and competitors based on a combination of your operational data and Searchmetrics’ search data.

Mathieu Chapon - Founder & Director Foresight

Instead of using various different tools for different demands, we now use only Searchmetrics. This enables us to rationalize our spending and improve our productivity.

Mathieu Chapon, Founder & Director, Agence SEO Search Foresight

See how the Searchmetrics Suite helps enterprises leverage search data.


Improve your buyer’s shopping journey with tailored online experiences for your market, customers, and products.


Develop relevant and engaging content that matches your audience. Measure content quality, along with performance.

Global Enterprises

Grow your online presence, maximize ROI, and increase your brand awareness with actionable insights and flexible reporting.

We have answers!

Do you offer additional training, webinars, etc.?

Every account is on-boarded and trained by their Client Success Manager. Additionally, to learn more, there are videos, webinars, podcasts, search and content certifications, and a Help Center.

How can I keep data for different groups separated within my account?

Often it is important to keep work separated. Agencies need to keep clients’ data protected and be selective with who has access to that data. Other companies may want to keep the work of different departments or regions in separate locations for organization and clarity.

This separation can be done by splitting the Master License of an Account into individual sub-licenses. These sub-licenses have their own user access rights and resource allotments for data and resource control.

Sometimes that level of data isolation is not necessary. For example, when tracking keyword performance within a division, keeping related sets of keywords in different projects helps maintain order without the need for a sub-license.

I want to upgrade, what do I have to do?

Customers can contact their Client Success Manager to upgrade their licenses. New customers who want to upgrade from their current SEO and content marketing solutions can Contact Us or schedule a free Demo.

How can I get data via the API?

Once you get your API key and credentials you can connect the Searchmetrics Suite to most of your other operational systems, like Business Intelligence tools. Our API calls are fully documented and available to API customers.

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