Beat the competition with better content.

Content Experience helps data-driven content marketers write high-quality, search engine optimized content that effectively competes for the top SERP position, engages the target audience and advances them through the sales funnel.

Searchmetrics Content Experience: Topic Explorer - Example 'Content Optimization'

All you need to grow your search and content performance.


Make content success a regular event.

Our content analysis software helps you create better content that outperforms the competition, builds site authority and produces repeatable, measurable results that break through the noise of search.


Drive audience engagement with relevance.

Make informed decisions with cutting-edge machine learning technology. Develop relevant content that matches the search intent and topics that resonate with your audience.


Boost your content quality in real time.

Execute your content marketing strategy the smart way. Optimize your content quality with real-time feedback as you type. Instantly understand the performance potential before you publish.


Maintain your workflow with seamless integration into your process.

Manage your content creation process in a workflow that works for your team. With our award-winning platform and Microsoft Word Add-in you gain flexibility and retain efficiency.

How to create top performing content.

Explore Relevant Topics

Research through Topic Explorer helps optimize for related and relevant topics to emphasize in your content piece.

Understand consumer intent

Determine Search Intent

Identifying the Search Intent of topics helps you create content that fits the purpose of your audience.

Compare Performance

Compare your content against the top-performing content pieces for each topic and know it's ready to compete before you publish.

Ensure 100% Uniqueness

Duplicate content analysis ensures you protect your brand and have confidence that your content is entirely your own.


Measure Content Quality

With Content Score, you can track how well your content addresses your topic, including keyword coverage and target length.

Prevent Unnecessary Repetition

The repetition score lets you know if you are repeating yourself and keeps your content to the point.

How to create top performing content.

Content Editor - Content Experience Feature

Content Editor

Create content directly in the Suite with your keywords and metrics close at hand as you write.

Content Briefing - Content Experience Feature

Content Briefs

A seamless connection between research and creation. Create briefs that align with topics you’ve discovered in the Searchmetrics Suite.

Content Score - Content Experience Feature

Content Score

Write with confidence. Sophisticated, automated analysis reveals where your content needs improvement.

Topic Explorer - Content Experience Feature

Topic Explorer

The world is at your fingertips. Uncover what people really search for, including seasonality, topic clusters, search volume and more.

Searchmetrics WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin

The Searchmetrics Content Experience plugin for WordPress provides all the key functions of the module directly in your WordPress editor.

Content Analysis - Content Experience Feature

Content Analysis

Compare your website with your competitors for any keyword or page combination. Plus, find out which keywords to add to your content to rank better.

Searchmetrics has improved our organization’s efficiency and ability to drive results in SEO and content development.

Jordan Long, Senior Manager, SEO, DuMont Project

How Searchmetrics Content Experience helps all kinds of marketers.


The Content Score lets you know when your new content is fit to publish and your old content fit to re-publish. ​​​​​​​


Know that your content is on relevant topics, tuned to your audience’s search intent and your content strategy.


Searchmetrics provides a place to let your creativity soar and the guidance to ensure it lands well with your audience.

​​​​​​​We have answers!

Which countries or languages does Content Experience support?

Our content marketing tool is optimized to work for the following country and language combinations:

Argentina – Spanish
Australia – English
Austria – German
Canada – English
Columbia – Spanish
France – French
Germany – German
India – English
Ireland – English
Mexico – Spanish
Netherlands – Dutch (NEW!)
Singapore – English
South Africa – English
Spain – Spanish
Switzerland – German
United Kingdom – English
USA – English & Spanish

You can use the Content Editor to write content for a country not listed, however you will find the suggestions tailored to the style and vocabulary of the country selected in the editor. That country’s language style may or may not match the country where you plan on publishing.

Can I target more than one topic in a content piece?

Yes, you can select up to 5 topics to be analyzed. We recommend that you use Topic Explorer to find topics that are semantically related and have the same search intent. This will keep the piece well targeted to your audience and their goals.

What if my keyword or topic isn't in your database?

As you type in your topic, we list suggestions along with their Search Volume and estimated CPC. You can pick the suggestion that is closest or choose your topic and we’ll grab new data for you. By selecting the topic labeled ‘ON DEMAND’, we research your topic in real time and show you the results in a few minutes.

Can I connect Content Experience to other systems?

Content Experience is automatically connected to all other Searchmetrics Suite Modules. You can use it while writing digital content in Microsoft Word through our Add-in. You can connect Content Experience to any external system, such as a content management system (CMS) or content marketing platform (CMP), through our Searchmetrics API.

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