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Cutting-Edge SEO Drives
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International SEO starts with research. The Searchmetrics Suite offers professional SEO analysis for companies that want to optimize global digital marketing strategies with the most current and comprehensive data available. In our Research CloudSearchmetrics instantly provides more than two years of historical data for over 130 million domains in 30 countries. In addition, we offer SEO factors such as rankings and backlinks for over 130 countries in our project area.

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Global SEO

Boost Global SEO Results with Searchmetrics

  • Analyze SEO factors such as rankings and backlinks for over 130 countries
  • Cover multiple search engines including Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Naver, Seznam and more
  • Identify and simulate SEO growth internationally
  • Drive new revenue across multiple global markets
  • Define markets with individual keyword sets
  • Observe competitors with benchmark KPIs
  • Get the most up-to-date rankings on demand, up to five times per week

Countries Supported

(Language Denoted)
Google Bing Yahoo
Argentina (ES) Check Check
Belize (ES, EN) Check
Bolivia (ES) Check
Brazil (PT) Check
Canada (EN, FR) Check Check
Chile (ES) Check Check
Colombia (ES) Check
Costa Rica (ES) Check
Ecuador (ES) Check
El Salvador (ES) Check
Guadeloupe (FR) Check
Guatemala (ES) Check
Haiti (FR, EN) Check
Honduras (ES) Check
Jamaica (EN) Check
Mexico (ES) Check Check Check
Nicaragua (ES, EN) Check
Paraguay (ES) Check
Peru (ES) Check
Puerto Rico (ES) Check
Dominican Republic (ES) Check
Trinidad and Tobago (EN, HI, FR, ES) Check
USA (EN) Check Check Check
Uruguay (ES) Check
Venezuela (ES) Check
EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa)
(Language Denoted)
Google Bing Yahoo Other
Algeria (AR, FR) Check
Angola (PT, KG) Check
Armenia (HY, RU) Check
Azerbaijan (AZ) Check
Austria (DE) Check Check
Bahrain (AR, EN) Check
Belarus (BE, RU) Check
Belgium (EN, FR, NL) Check Check
Bosnia-Herzegovina (BS, SR, HR) Check
Bulgaria (BG) Check Check
Croatia (KR) Check
Czech Republic (CE) Check Seznam
Democratic Republic of Congo (FR, SW) Check
Denmark (DK) Check Check Check
Egypt (AR, EN) Check
Estonia (ET) Check
Finland (FI) Check Check Check
France (FR) Check Check Check
Georgia (KA) Check
Germany (DE) Check Check Check
Greece (EL) Check Check Check
Hungary (HU) Check Check
Iraq (AR, EN) Check
Ireland (EN) Check Check Check
Iceland (IS) Check
Israel (AR, EN, IW) Check Check
Italy (IT) Check Check Check
Jordan (AR, EN) Check
Kazakhstan (KK, RU) Check
Kenya (SW, EN) Check
Kuwait (AR, EN) Check
Kyrgystan (KY, RU) Check
Latvia (LV) Check
Lebanon (AR, EN) Check
Liechtenstein (DE) Check
Lithuania (LT) Check
Luxembourg (FR) Check
Libya (AR, IT, EN) Check
Macedonia (MK) Check
Madagascar (MG, FR) Check
Malawi (NY, EN) Check
Mali (FR) Check
Malta (MT, EN) Check
Mauritius (FR, EN) Check
Mozambique (PT) Check
Moldova (MO, RU) Check
Montenegro (SR) Check
Morocco (AR, FR) Check
Namibia (AF, EN) Check
Netherlands (NL) Check Check Check
Nigeria (EN) Check
Norway (NO) Check Check Check
Oman (AR, EN) Check
Palestinian Territory (AR, EN) Check
Poland (PL) Check Check
Portugal (PT) Check Check Check
Qatar (AR, EN) Check
Romania (RO) Check Check
Russia (RU) Check Check Check  Yandex
Rwanda (EN, FR, SW) Check
Saudi Arabia (AR, EN) Check Check
Senegal (FR) Check
Serbia (SR) Check
Slovakia (SK, SL) Check
Spain (ES) Check Check Check
Sweden (SV) Check Check Check
Switzerland (DE, EN, FR, IT) Check Check Check
South Africa (AF, EN) Check Check
Tanzania (SW, EN) Check
Tunisia (AR) Check Check
Turkey (TR) Check
Uganda (EN, LG, SW) Check
Ukraine (UK) Check Check
United Arab Emirates (AR, EN) Check
United Kingdom (EN) Check Check Check
Uzbekistan (UZ, RU) Check
Zimbabwe (EN, SN) Check
APAC (Asia-Pacific)
(Language Denoted)
Google Bing Yahoo Other
Australia (EN) Check
Cambodia (KM, EN) Check
China (CN) Baidu,
Hong Kong (CN) Check
India (EN, HI) Check Check Check
Indonesia (EN, ID) Check
Japan (EN, JP) Check Check
Kiribati Republic (SW, FR) Check
Korea (KO) Naver
Malaysia (MS, EN) Check
Maldives (EN) Check
Mongolia (MN) Check
Nepal (NE, EN) Check
New Zealand (EN) Check Check
Philippines (TL, EN) Check
Russia (RU) Check Check Check Yandex
Singapore (EN, MS) Check Check
Sri Lanka (EN) Check
Taiwan (TW) Check Check
Thailand (TH) Check Check

In pursuit of increased traffic, leads and revenue, digital marketers have expanded their constant search for new customers into global markets. Likewise, to improve marketing reach, brands must move beyond a single country. Global SEO can help boost brand equity and maintain brand consistency while meeting the demands of a digital marketing strategy with worldwide scope.

With Searchmetrics, digital marketers and SEOs can build traffic and conversion forecasts that anticipate expected growth from specific global markets. Comparing these projections against a company’s domestic market provides the context required to effectively allocate resources to new markets with the most growth potential.

For example, businesses can identify the best keywords for brands in each market. They can optimize keywords and landing pages to boost performance by market and by search engine—not just Google, but Yandex, Baidu, Naver, etc. Moreover, SEOs can track visibibility for an entire country or locally, such as Google UK versus Google London or Google Brazil versus Google Rio de Janeiro.

Linnea Hubble, Etraveli

“Travel is one of the most competitive and complex industries when it comes to SEO. And as a slim company managing over 80 web sites in over 40 countries, we must see the big picture and drill down into details where necessary. Searchmetrics gives us the insights that we need.”

Linnea Hubble, Global SEO Manager, Etraveli AB

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