Keyword Analysis

Complete Page and Keyword Optimization

As the industry moves away from a focus on keyword optimization to page optimization, SEOs must employ an integrated approach that includes keyword, page and content strategies. With Searchmetrics, you can:

  • Achieve complete page-based analysis and optimization
  • Generate an overview of all keywords associated with pages and their KPIs
  • Identify trends and growth potential
  • Use advanced filters for each page


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Competitive Keyword Discovery

Searchmetrics Competitive Keyword Discovery is the only solution that can automatically identify your competitor’s unique keywords on a page-level.

Key Features:

  • Compare yourself with any competitor and receive insights in real-time — without setting up a project.
  • Save valuable time analyzing and comparing pages as well as domains.
  • Identify your competitor’s unique keywords that they rank for, but you don’t.
  • Find opportunities to dominate the competition through your unique keywords and topics.
  • Unveil competitor’s content/topic strategies and find new business niches and competitive opportunities.


Our data is based on the Research Cloud – the industry’s largest and most comprehensive, ever expanding, content data and knowledge repository that contains over 250 billion data elements.



Brandon Schakola, Senior Director, Earned Media @

“With app packs pushing organic results down the page on tablets and smartphones, I need now more than ever to know where and in what place my clients’ mobile apps rank against others. Searchmetrics gives me unique access to keyword-level data, which helps me react quickly to Google’s mobile changes.”

Brandon Schakola, Senior Director, Earned Media @


*Competitive Keyword Discovery is available to Suite Enterprise or Ultimate users with a 2014, 2015 or 2016 license. Business Edition users can add-on this feature for a modest cost. Access rights and functions differ depending on license type. Please refer to product page for exact details.

Keyword Data Optimization

Page Optimization

Building out a successful SEO strategy starts with optimizing your most important pages. Many digital marketers struggle with analyzing and prioritizing every page on a brand’s site. Often each page needs a different optimization approach, using similar and related keywords to increase page traffic, rather that a single keyword. Faced with identifying all areas of improvement ranging from site structure, keywords, and backlinks to traffic, many SEOs end up trying to scale manual processes that simply cannot keep up. Searchmetrics streamlines page optimization via:

  • Prioritized optimization—Identify top impact opportunities for improvement and leverage a step-by-step, guided approach to increase ranking and overall visibility for top keywords and pages
  • White-hat best practices—Drive SEO growth with complete on-page, backlink and traffic insights that adhere to search engine guidelines
  • Keyword opportunities—Uncover top keywords relevant to your pages to drive more traffic and boost conversions

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization analyzes which of a monitored domain’s URLs rank the highest for a particular keyword. Of course, it’s easy to find out who ranks in the top three results for a keyword; just type it into Google. But keyword optimization requires advanced keyword research that goes much deeper into keyword data.

Searchmetrics takes the guesswork out of prioritizing your keyword optimization efforts. We analyze keyword placement and offer actionable recommendations that will make an immediate impact on your search efforts. Searchmetrics keyword optimization research can help you:

  • Build a more complete keyword set
  • Categorize keywords into business categories
  • Identify keyword opportunities from competitor activity
  • Prioritize keywords more effectively with advanced filtering by quick wins, search volume, traffic index, etc.


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Competitive SEO Analysis

Changing markets and global competition mean SEOs need more in-depth competitive analysis than ever. With Searchmetrics, you can see competitors’ keyword strategies, backlinks and overall campaigns across organic and paid search. And Searchmetrics is the only platform that doesn’t rely on third-party data. Use Searchmetrics to:

  • Assess the performance of known competitors
  • Uncover new competitors
  • Identify competitors’ link strategies and their keyword and page emphases
  • Identify which pages and keywords have the highest potential for growth
  • Get SEO, PPC and backlink data for over 100 million domains
Keyword Optimization 2

Keyword Progress Report

Keyword Progress Report makes sharing historical performance and trends easier and faster, so that marketers can spend less time pulling data and more time on optimization. Compare results over time to understand where you are making progress or to evaluate performance before and after a major website change.

  • See the keyword ranking for four key dates that you select
  • Create Month over Month, Quarter over Quarter, or Year over Year tables
  • View in regular or full screen mode, or export to Excel
  • See the URL and Page Title for the beginning and ending of the trend

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