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For faster, more scalable on-page technical optimization

Improve the optimal performance of your website

With the help of the Site Experience, you can monitor and improve the error-free crawlability and optimal performance of your websites. Periodic audits detect errors and issues early, before traffic and revenue losses occur.

The Site Experience is one of the four modules of the Searchmetrics Suite.

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With custom crawl configurability and structured monitoring, you get the accurate analysis you need.​

SiteExperience_01Schedule audits with various user agents to analyze the crawlability and indexing of your website – even for JavaScript-based websites! Analyze the problems of individual technical areas and understand their impact on website performance.

The detailed SWOT analysis will increase the competitiveness of your websites.​

SiteExperience_02Discover key risks and your greatest opportunities to correct errors early and quickly improve the performance of your websites.


Save time with prioritized optimization suggestions.

SiteExperience_03Take precise action recommendations on page speed, website architecture, internal links, and duplicate content to most effectively enhance your SEO performance. Compared to other vendors, the unique combination of these audits with URL ranking data enables prioritization of opportunities for faster, more scalable on-page technical optimization.


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