Protect Website Performance 24×7 with Visibility Guard

With Searchmetrics Visibility Guard, you can protect your high-value pages against performance losses due to unforeseen technical errors that occur when refreshing content, adding time-sensitive merchandising pages, retooling site navigation and implementing new software releases. Thanks to a fully automatic alert system, you can proactively spot performance-eroding page errors before search engines do, then correct them before your critical mistakes damage online presence and negatively affect revenue.

Searchmetrics Visibility Guard

Protect Performance 24×7

Activate Visibility Guard with just a few clicks. Once you do, Visibility Guard:


Identifies your most important pages by SEO value


Crawls them automatically every day


Detects errors throughout its scheduled crawls


Alerts you as soon as it identifies an issue


Protects you from any potential losses in revenue or traffic

And you can protect anywhere from 250 to 10,000 pages, without affecting web server performance.

Brandon Schakola @

Searchmetrics Visibility Guard provides us immense value by helping us both determine and proactively monitor our high-revenue pages. The Visibility Guard is the most SEO-customized web monitoring solution that immediately warns us about any critical errors that may occur to our high-valued pages.”

Brandon Schakola @

Identify and Track Multiple Errors

Visibility Guard identifies errors from multiple sources:

  • Redirection errors (3xx )
  • Client errors (4xx)
  • Server errors (5xx)
  • Meta noindex
  • Meta nofollow
  • X-Robots noindex
  • X-Robots nofollow
  • Meta canonical to url
  • Http canonical to another url


Recognize Errors and Reduce Risks

Via email, Visibility Guard’s automated alarm function informs you and other members of your team as soon as a critical error occurs. You’ll learn the precise nature of the problem and where to find it so you can react immediately in a targeted manner.


Benefits at a Glance

  • Stay Ahead of Google – Proactively guard your pages by unveiling critical errors before Search Engines realize and penalize you for them
  • Data Backed Protection – Leverage the power of the entire Searchmetrics platform to efficiently monitor your money pages on a 24 x 7 basis
  • Simple Setup – Set and activate in only minutes, so you can spend your important time elsewhere
  • Protect Valuable Links – Automatically identify high value pages, set minimum thresholds for page value, or upload a custom URL list
  • Prevent Business Losses – Pinpoint critical on-page errors and their sources before they degrade performance or loss in revenue
  • Fast Warning System – Inform stakeholders immediately via automated email alerts, Hip Chat, or Slack so you can quickly repair all errors
  • Define What Matters – Select only the error types and URLs that are important for you to be notified immediately

But don’t take our word for it. Turn on the Visibility Guard to see for yourself.